It’s been almost 3 1/2 years since I graduated from high school and Desiree Rose (Photographer of Elkk Photography in Austin, TX) took my senior portraits. Little did we know I’d be here now – happily married and a mother of a beautiful baby girl at age 21. I’ve known Dezz since before I can remember, she is basically family to me, and she’s been there for me despite her crazy schedule. She took all of my senior portraits, engagement photos, wedding pictures, maternity portraits, and now, she’s taken the very first photographs of my growing family.

Not only do I have the joy of seeing my life blooming through her camera lens, but I’ve also got to see her life as a photographer. It’s clear in her work that she is introverted but bold, clever but still very raw, and although interested in detail, she is not too distracted nor too driven by perfection to forget what’s important: the uniqueness of the subject. As a photographer, she strives to grasp tight these fleeting moments of reality and show them to you in a perspective you might not have noticed before. You might call that plain ole’ photography – but as I scroll through these quick-paced phases of my life – I call it poetry.

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And here she is, the photographer herself!

I could not be more grateful for such an amazing friend

Thanks, Dezzy! We love you!