Dessert. It’s the most important meal of the day (don’t listen to that nonsense about it being breakfast. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!).

I’m Danika Lindsell, otherwise known online as Artemiss of Artemiss Creations – an illustrator and graphic designer from Perth, Western Australia.

I have a pretty large list of things I’m obsessed with; glitter, foxes, sleeping, the color purple…but I decided to combine a couple of my absolute favorites for a special art project of mine and share it with you lovely people. Dessert meets Pinups! What a treat!

There are 6 Sweethearts in the series so far, with another 6 on the way. Miss Macaron is making her grand debut this Sunday for Macaron day. What better way to celebrate?!

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Miss Sprinkles

She’s quite literally as cute as a cupcake, don’t ya think!

Miss Sundae

Miss Sundae had to be mint choc-chip. It’s the best ice cream flavour, hands down.

Miss Candy

So sweet, she’ll give you a cavity!

Miss Doughlight

I had as much fun coming up with her name as I did drawing Miss Doughlight!

Miss Cocoa

If this were a real bath, I would so be in it…

Miss Flossy

A boa made from Fairy Floss? Yes please!