I wanted to show with my Perception project the real personality of some breeds that can sometimes be intimidating. How to do it? Simply by playing and having fun with them. I assure you no dogs were harmed here.

I have asked the owners of a Rottweiler, a Bullmastiff, a Cane Corso, an American Staffordshire terrier, a German Shepherd and a Pit bull terrier to come to my studio. My sweet Doberman was also part of this project. I have made sure these dogs would not be stressed by those costumes before choosing them.

I’ve chosen the lion to represent the bad reputation that some of them have and the angel to illustrate the good side which is their real side. As you can see none of them look angry or intimidating even with a lion’s mane and that was the main goal. In fact, they look ridiculously funny. I thought at first they would look cute, but they truly are hilarious.

We had so much fun in the studio with them. They are goofy, funny and adorable like any other dogs and as you can see they will do almost everything to make their human laugh. They deserved many treats!

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