Halloween – I love halloween. One night of dressing up, scary movies and candy overload. I’m a scary watercolor painter and I challenged myself. Why the f$%k not? I wanted people to have wonderfully little scary pieces to celebrate Halloween that are one of a kind and cute.

Originally, my grand idea was going to do 50 little paintings – watercolor paper stretched over little canvas frames – for fall.

#5oforfall – doesn’t that sound cool?

Yes, I am a dork, stop laughing.

I painted whatever the hell I wanted and loved every. single. minute. However, I only got 40 done, time got away from me, plus my kids kept asking me to cook dinner, take them to school, all the mom shizz. However, there were a few characters that are still stirring in my head. You’ll see them later in my shop. :)

If you want me to make something for you – let me know.

I’m easy to work with and nothing sounds too weird. I once painted a family portrait with 9 cats and put a planter with tombstones to honor the ones that passed.

Below are some of the pieces I painted. Enjoy my witchy little babies….

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Surf Witch

Surf witch has been wandering around my imagination and you’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

Running Cauldron

Stoner Witches


Witch Mom

Full Yellow Moon

Bed, Death and Beyond

Moonlight Read

Witch Hat

Trick or Treat

Halloween Blanket

Reading by Moonlight

Queefy the Skate Queen


Mama Cat

Angry Orange

Shoulder Spider


Sister Swing

Good Doggy

No Swimming

Witches in the Rain

Smoking Purple


Wicked Green

More Skull kitties