I have loved drawing since I was little kid. There was over 6 years, when I didn’t draw at all. Now I’m doing my comeback.

First of all, I never have drawn photorealistic drawings before. It was more like drawing cartoons. Last September 2015, I was at an art course. There I learned new techniques how to draw. Most interesting to me was drawing photorealistic pictures. I started with my own portrait.
Of course it was strange and hard to draw your own face. The result actually surprised me. I never thought I would learn to draw like that.

I usually use pencils between 9B-9H to drawings. Sometimes I use charcoal to most black areas. Blender is my most important tool. I can blend the layers for drawing and bring it alive. Depends of size of drawing, but it take usually over 8 hours to draw one enough good looking drawing. At the moment, I’m drawing Thranduil (from The Hobbit).

More info: nannakaroliina.com

Angelina Jolie

First photorealistic drawing which I actually liked. I spend totally 8 hours drawing this

Practicing to draw lips

Photorealistic Johnny Depp

Best of my photorealistic drawings. I used charcoal for this too. Finishing this one took totally 14 hours

Huge eye drawing

My first photorealistic drawing

Thranduil, work in progress

Megan Fox

Largest drawing, A3 size, it took over 36 hours to finish this