Seeking adventure, I loaded my life contents and camera gear onto my motorcycle and started riding toward the other side of the world, setting off from my home town at the time in Perth, Western Australia.

Now 37,000km later I made it to Perth in Scotland, faced elephants and llamas, camped for free, got stranded on the side of the road, broke the bike, fixed the bike, met my amazing girlfriend and discovered the goodness of people on the road.

The Unfamiliar Road journey continues as we raise awareness and support to produce a feature length film of the adventure! Come along for the ride as we explore, collect stories and prove that you don’t need to be fearless or perfect to live your dreams.

More info:

Crossing the Finish Line – Westminster Bridge, London

Entering the Himalayas

End of the Road – Republic of Myanmar (Burma)

Young Buddhist Monks walk to collect morning alms and offerings in Old Bagan

Don’t think a guard rail would go astray… India

Met my girlfriend and she joined me on the bike – Europe

Highest Motorable Road in the World – 18,953ft 5777m

Crossing a Floodway, Northern Australia

24 Countries, 11 months, 37000km


Google Maps asks me to “Continue over the Bridge” – Cambodia

Waiting to board the midday ferry – Laos

Perth, Australia to Perth, Scotland!

And she likes bikes…

Overlooking the road to Glenelg, Scotland