Starting in about 2012, I realized there weren’t many interesting pillowcases about, and I had a notebook full of ideas. I decided to turn them into screen prints, starting with the cats. From there, I moved on to other iconic animals and shapes, always keen to keep the minimal aspect going.

Currently I have cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and a bipetual set (for the cat and dog household), but I’d love to add more. The hard part lies in keeping it out of the “cutesy” realm, which has its place, it’s just not what I’m going for right now.

All the pillowcases are made in the USA, and hand-printed in my Philadelphia studio.

More info:

Cat Pillow

Best Bunnies Pillow Cases

What you want to find in a cat hotel! A kitten instead of a mint!

Lovebirds Pillows

Cat Nap Pillowcases

I even made a mini version of them!

Lovebirds Pillowcases

Bunny Pillow

Bipetual Pillowcases

Cat Nap Pillowcase

Rabbit Drawing Pillow

Best Bunnies Pillowcases