I am a polish self-taught artist and sculpting with polymer clay is my favorite :)

Main source of inspiration for me are the shapes and colors of Nature, especially animals and hedgehogs have a very special place in my heart. I’ve always had a thing for this little prickly critters ;) Meeting a hedgehog on a walk always makes me happy :) (I often choose late walks because hedgehogs lead mainly night life).

But main inspiration for my polymer clay hedgehogs was Julian, my pygmy hedgehog. That’s how it all started :)

Julian is gone now but my love for hedgehogs is not weakening. I help, if necessary, wild hedgehogs in my area and I support organizations that save hedgehogs in need ❤️

Therefore, I would like to share some of my little hedgehogs with you :) And encourage you to know better these wonderful and useful animals and support organizations that help them :)

More info: Etsy

Julian – My Love – My first inspiration :)

One of wild hedgehogs that we saved :)

Hedgehogs pendants

Hedgehogs earrings

Little hedgehog stud-earrings

And making of… :)