Four years ago I started to make fun school lunches for my kids. I try and use regular food that many people would have in their kitchens. It usually takes me about thirty minutes to make each school lunch. Every October I make Halloween lunches, including some Disney Halloween lunches!

These lunches have really brought my kids and I together. The funny thing is that many parents think it’s my wife who makes the lunches. They are surprised when my kids tell them that their dad is actually the one who makes them!

More info:

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington and Spider Lunch

Minnie Mouse Halloween Lunch

Mickey Mouse Halloween Lunch

The Nightmare Before Christmas Lunch With Jack Skellington

Ghostbusters Lunch

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Oogie Boogie Lunch

Spooky Graveyard Lunch With Ghosts, Tombstones, and a Huge Spider

Corn Dracula Lunch

Scarecrow and Jack-O-Lantern Lunch