I spend my time picking up bits and pieces from the forest floor and collecting things from gardens to turn into jewelry.

The plant stays preserved forever in the resin and gives us a precious reminder that nature is exactly the opposite, it’s transient.

I have spent the last two years experimenting with resin and lots of different plants in my makeshift studio either in the spare bedroom, the dining room and, very recently, my own little studio.

To make each pendant I spend hours patiently working through lots of stages: a couple of layers of resin, each taking a day to harden; checking for imperfections; sanding and smoothing the edges; drilling the hole; and finally attaching the chain.

There are bubbles, there are imperfections, there are quirky sections but they all add to the beauty of handmade objects!

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Mushrooms and Moss

Maidenhair Fern

Sun-Bleached Coralline Red Algae

Melaleuca Seeds and Leaves

Eucalyptus Seeds