My name is Eyal B, I’m a filmmaker and a visual effect artists, currently working on my first feature film, ‘Space Tripping’. Making a movie is a lot of work, there’s so much scarifies being in front of the computer all day long, and not giving up for what you believe in.

But more than an artist, at first – I’m a dad. I have three kids (ages 14,10,6). And one of them makes an appearance in the movie’s trailer (she’s the gorgeous red head who won’t let you get too close to the bio computers). I’ve casted lots of pro actors, but I knew this talented one needs to be in this too, my life project, and I want her beside me, together.

All of my kids are obviously well aware of my occupation. Our house is like a giant “Halloween adventure” store, filled with costumes, outfits, weapons and masks that I collect from my various productions, so it’s quite common to see in our house short penguins chasing red head aliens with swords and maces.

I’m not sure if my kids are influenced by my writing and my work directly, but I’m pretty sure that they have a moderating presence over my stuff, which is a very good, and I love it. I Love them.

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My Daughter and the Green Screen

Don’t let them get to the bio computers!

Me, The Dad (Sitting Down)