There’s something absolutely magical that happens when the calendar skids to a halt on December: the air fills with an intangible feeling of childlike nostalgia, dipped in sparkly tinsel that catches the light just right. Winter scenes in snow globes, tree decorating, guilt-free cookie consumption, the countdown, unexpected acts of kindness, anticipation of receiving a surprise gift, or kissing someone under the mistletoe. The holidays are here!

All year long we slave away just to live the best life we possibly can. We’re exhausted and in desperate need of a recharge. Cue sleigh bells, festive music, and hope that all might turn out well in the world.

The best part for me is to dig out my box of treasured decorations and meticulously place them around where I believe they should be. But there was something lacking this year: a little extra oomph to fully get things rolling.

So I decided to draw little sketches of festive things for every day until the 25th. Some of them lean a little more towards The Nightmare Before Christmas, with an obligatory Zero, but I kept them cute for the most part.

Have a merry, jolly, hope-filled and all-around awesome Festive Season!

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There’s something in the air

Day 1: Pine Cone

Day 2: Gingerbread House Cookie

Day 3: Snow Globe Jar

Day 4: Christmas Spider

Day 5: Reindeer

Day 6: Hot Cocoa

Day 7: Tiny Krampus

Day 8: Shiny Baubles

Day 9: North Pole

Day 10: Candy Cane

Day 11: Snowman

Day 12: Gift

Day 13: Festive Streetlamp

Day 14: Voodoo Gingerbread Man

Day 15: Elf Sock

Day 16: Yule Candle

Day 17: Pudding

Day 18: Silver Bell

Day 19: Frazzled Sandy Claws Bell

Day 20: Sleigh

Day 21: Santa Deer

Day 22: Christmas Tree

Day 23: String of Lights

Day 24: Zero

Day 25: Holly Berries

Keep it light and merry!