When I quit my job to start my own company, I was full of hope and happiness. But working on your own isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes you get overwhelmed and sometimes you just get generally negative.

I had such an experience and fortunately for me, I have amazing friends who did their best to cheer me up. Their sweet efforts made me really happy. I decided I wanted to cheer them up and ended up making these cheesy love notes. Just to make myself, and everybody who looks at them, smile. And they ended being kinda punny.

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Yes it does! My heart beets for you!

My own personal jar of Sunshine

Whatever you do, you’re pear-fect to me!

You’re my crazy nutcase

You’re all that I could ever knead

I love you and tea

A ‘corny’ love note – I’m all ears for you

And of course I love coffee too

Thank you for bringing me out of my shell!

Because my love for tea knows no bounds

And you’re super smart, so I lobe you!

Really, orange you?