“Run”. The word run could be used to mean “to flee” or be used to describe the act of expressing youthful energy. It could be used for the motion of something that slips away or even as slang for the period of a defined era.

Perhaps of all animals, even domestic ones, dogs have an integrated symbiosis with humans. All too often these empathic creatures are treated like possessions by people – the different breeds as though they were brands or products associated with a particular lifestyle. They are locked up when not needed and stolen when desirable. Worst of all dogs are often discarded when no longer useful or when human interest dissipates. It seems poignant that a law has just been passed making the implanting of microchips in dogs mandatory in this country.

This sculpture has been assembled from fragments of bicycles that were discarded as rubbish. Photo’s courtesy of Gwen Jones Photography.

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