Trees and crystals are two creations of nature I’ve always found beautiful; I love the structures and details of different tree species and the amazing color variations and patterns of crystals, gemstones and minerals. This was my inspiration when I decided to make a series trying to combine the essence of their beauty into a dozen paintings.

With some of the gems I chose for the paintings are most people familiar with, I think (like Emerald, Ruby or Amethyst), some of them are less commonly known. But all of them have something – a strong characteristic like a distinct color, a texture, a special crystal-form or a strong cultural reference (like Mithril, a fictional material from J.R.R.Tolkien’s Middle-Earth books) – that I find very inspiring.

I think the title of the series speaks for itself: this is a special wooden jewelry box made for the wall. I hope you’ll enjoy my images.

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Moss agate