I painted over 100,000 dots on this mannequin with only one brush. It took hundreds of lonely hours to do it. Because I counted the dots I couldn`t do something else in that time.

I only could listen to music or movies, but I couldn`t talk with anybody during that time. I started to have a minimum of social life, but my mind went more active because of so many hours being alone. Sometimes I asked myself why I`m doing this. But all the time, in the end of the day – or better: late at night, because I worked often till late at night – when I saw the results I knew: it will be awesome!

To count the dots was part of the artwork: on this way it is possible also after finishing to give an idea of the process to do art and to show with this high number which stands for so much work that time is one of the most important things in the world: we should use it for good stuff and not always just for the moment.

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A head full of dots

On this photo there are 106.000 dots on the mannequin

Every single dot is painted with a brush

Take a closer look

Especially the curves of the body made it difficult to paint exactly

Profile picture

The legs

The butt

And there is still place for more dots!

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