I dreamed I saw the first piece in this series and I didn’t think it was possible for me to create something of this complexity but I didn’t want this vision to go unseen by the world. When I saw it in my dream I remember thinking I shall look at it as long and as hard as I can so I remember everything when I wake up so I can draw it. I felt a connection within myself, an intuition or consciousness with this creation. It was the answer to a lost artist seeking direction in life.

So I pushed myself harder than I’ve ever even considered, working on one piece for months. Usually if it wasn’t done in 1-4 sits, it’s not ever getting done. I worked every day and even drove myself ill with it for 5 months. It proved to answer my prayers. The piece has established me in my local scene and abroad with winning my 1st international art award as well as twice a finalist in the largest art prize in the continent.

I have continued to develop the series into an alternate universe. I’ve honed my skill beyond earlier comprehension. Some of these works take 5-10 months to complete with all the research, drawing in pencil, and then going over with India ink and mostly sumi-e on eucaboard panels. I’ve created 40+ pieces and counting as well as gained many accolades with the original piece and its subsequent stages.

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