In Marrakesh I had a goal to find the best native leather accessories, instead on the very last day I was struck by something akin, but very different origin – much darker and eccentric than any animal skin.

It was hailing from machines.

This tiny bizarre boutique run by a clever and enthusiastic frenchman “Monsieur Michelin” (Thierry Coudert) was filled with unique jewelry, art and accessories handmade from recycled tires.

“Upcycling” idea has been brought by Thierry from the central Africa where it helps clean local areas from unused tires in a creative way for quite some time now. He first witnessed locals using buckets for water transportation made from discarded tires and the idea was born. This might as well could be called destiny, as “Monsieur Michelin” was born in Clermont-Ferrand – the same city Michelin headquarters are located.

“If i have one color, I use one color. ” – Thierry Coudert, founder & owner

Finished material is soft and sturdy and the process requires high artistry together with unique design skills.

Since the physical shop is located only in Marrakesh and online presence is yet to come, going there is a must for everyone interested in sustainable & avant-garde fashion. You can find their address on Tripadvisor by searching Chez Monsieur Michelin.

“Where are tourists, there are buyers.” – Thierry Coudert, founder & owner

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