Inspiration for making art comes from surprising places, and Instagram is a rich well – of beauty, style, sass, but also courage, grit, tenacity and, when it comes to animal celebrities and their owners / butlers who show them off on social media with deserved pride – pure, real love.

More info:

@1bike1world – Scottish adventurer, who got adopted by an inspirational Instagram celebrity Bosnian-Herzegovinian/Montenegrian? kitten, now cat, Nala.

@the_brutis – Brutis the rescue Chihuahua, who learned to skate on his own and now teaches other dogs.

@tinykittenshq – The famous Grandpa Mason, rescue senior, who found his calling in teaching foster kittens how to cat.

@livilaurel – Gracie, the cat who was so terrified in the shelter she would not move, but now, after months of love, care and patience, is a total happy love-bug


@iambronsoncat – Bronson the beautiful, at the beginning of his courageous weight-loss journey.

@kittenxlady – foster mom, and @no_eye_shadow – now fortunate forever dad, of the magical Rosalita.

And the darling, late Tardar Sauce, @realgrumpycat , who will be forever missed.