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I Drew And Painted A “Samurai Dinosaur On A Skateboard Rampage” On A3 Paper – And Included A Prologue
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Art4 years ago

I Drew And Painted A “Samurai Dinosaur On A Skateboard Rampage” On A3 Paper – And Included A Prologue

It all started with an exaggerated request by a good friend which I took seriously and found extremely challenging. I used ‘Artline’ pens (0.05) to create line art and then I used ‘Finecolor’ Pens, ‘Faber-Castell’ colour pencils and ‘Stadeler’ watercolours to illustrate a city being destroyed by a Robot Dinosaur on A3 paper. It took me about 2 months of planning and conceptualising to finally have this on paper and I made a video compilation to commemorate the experience which is available from my Facebook page. I used Pop Art techniques and colours commonly used in comics (Orange, Green and Purple) to try to create and ominous atmosphere before something bad is about to happen. Both the artwork and prologue were created by me. Hope you will like it!

More info: Instagram

Samurai Dinosaur on a Skateboard Rampage


It was 3.15 am in the morning when San Francisco met its own Doomsday.

All I knew at the time was that I was reading my favourite Superman comic under the dim orange light from my bedside lamp. It is not surprising for an Insomniac who stays awake late into the night despite the fatigue kicking in to imagine strange things, or so I thought initially when I felt my bed shaking rather violently and could hear an echoing roar.

It wasn’t even a typical roar. It was more like high pitched screeching and large metallic gears working against each other in the background.

“Since when can my brain conjure up something so unlike anything I’ve heard before? Nope, not even something you’d hear in the movies.” That’s when sudden realisation of the impending danger got to me.

“Are those Sirens?” Whatever was happening out there was definitely not a ‘normal’ crime. Wishing desperately that Superman could come to life and could fly straight from Metropolis to save us all, I climbed out of bed and mustered up strength to run towards the door to alert the family. I had to fight against the Stunning Spell that my fear had conjured over me to get everyone out of this 60-storey apartment as soon as possible.

From the corner of my eye, I could see something extraterrestrial, metallic and green overshadowing the Golden Gate Bridge through the corridor window. There were red beams. There were helicopters. Hell was breaking loose.

And it was in the real world, this time.

Line Art for “Samurai Dinosaur on a Skateboard Rampage”

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