I was born and raised in a family of cat lovers, however I’m definitely a dog person. I’ve been dreaming about having my own dog family for more than a decade!

When my dream finally came true, I started drawing our adventures together in my blog. Dogs are real characters, they’re funny to draw. They made my life incredible!

A friend told me I should draw portraits of my dogs. It took me three days to make these portraits using Photoshop and a digital tablet.

More info: lilasdoodles.blogspot.lt

Katie is an alaskan husky. She’s a funny dog, full of energy

Asgard is a doberman pinscher. She’s a great dancer and a notorious psycho

Aleut is a siberian husky, he may look like a cuddly toy, he’s in fact a grumpy old dog!

Nebraska is a graceful little princess and probably the cutest dog in the world

Gretz is a big boy. He makes extraodinary saliva bubbles when he sees food

Cochise is smart and playfull, he makes fantastic burps after eating

Tecumseh is tall, elegant and easy going