I’m now a professional fine art photographer, but for many years I didn’t think I was creative at all. I couldn’t paint or draw very well and I thought this meant that I could never be an artist. I loved stories and reading but I knew I didn’t want to write. After many unhappy years in a career in financial services, I quit my job with nothing else to go to and started a short photography course at the London College of Communication.

I was amazed at how the creativity poured out of me when I was able to find a creative medium I could use. I created this series of images, which I have called “Tales from the Moors Country” as a kind of love letter to my home in the North Yorkshire Moors. The moors are such an atmospheric and evocative landscape that they have inspired storytellers for hundreds of years.

Each of these images is like a little excerpt from a story. They are deliberately ambiguous so that the viewer can use their own imagination to complete the story.

More info: nicolataylorphotographer.com

Listen To The Color Of Your Dreams

Like Ghosts From An Enchanter Fleeing

Heading Home Again


The Word And The Whisperer

A Time For The Evening Under Starlight


Raven’s Song

Longer Ways To Go

The Calling

Dreaming As The Summers Die

From The Depths

A Hundred Silent Ways

From Her Ashes

To Be All Made Of Sighs And Tears

Music For Those Who Listen