Earlier this year my son Tony (pictured below) suggested we do a “Minecraft Photo Shoot” -he called it. (He’s been in love with Minecraft since he was 1 1/2 years old, whoa, crazy right?! He is now 6!). At first I wasn’t sure where to even begin, but went with it and bought his clothes for the photos. I found a pair of pants and shirt that were a great match for his Steve character.

Not too long after I gathered some ideas and we got out there and started shooting. He seemed to enjoy it. I got to admit it was fun for me too!

Creating this Series has been a great bonding experience for us. We get to combine things we both love and use it to create something timeless that reflects Tony’s unique character.

We’ve enjoyed working on these so much we decided to continue creating more series in the future.

More info: twiceuponablog.com

Steve about to begin his adventures in the Overworld. Can you guess what potion he’s holding?

Steve’s peaceful home, full of animals and a view. Can you spot the rabbit?

As Steve mines for diamond ore with his trusty companion, a Creeper lurks in the shadows. What’s that cat doing with that diamond? lol

After a full day of mining, Steve and his trusty companion sit and enjoy the perfect sunset. Can you spot the mine cart?

A full moon lights the night as a horde of mobs attempt to stop Steve from finding his friend Alex

Steve searched and conquered The Nether, with no success at finding his friend Alex. A trip to The End is inevitable. Will he and his dog find their pal Alex?

Video variant of photograph above