The lady in black arises from the mist and the shadows. By her side stands the sinister creatures of the night – the black horses, the hound from hell and the demon raven.

I made this horror themed photosession with my two black North Swedish Draft horses, my model friend, a taxidermied raven and my friend’s dog. And some very, very old clothes I inherited from my great grandparents.

And it all took place in the deep, dark forests of Sweden were an ancient evil lingers, waiting to be awakened for Halloween. Do you dare to look into the eyes of the Lady in Black?

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Evil arises from the mist

We see you

On the cliff

Sinister companions

Black rider

Horror passes by

Always by her side

Forever by her side

Cuddle the demon

From the woods

The mist is coming

Bark at the moon

It stares into your very soul

Dark creatues by her side