Inspiration can come from anywhere when you’re looking with the right eyes, on this particular occasion it came from beetles.

It all started with Goliath. One afternoon while stumbling merrily through the world wide web I chanced upon a photo of this African marvel – one of the largest beetles in the world – and became instantly enamored with its fabulous graphic markings. My brain jiggled with joy and immediately started working on how the beauteous Goliath Beetle could be translated onto a human canvas.

With the help and encouragement of fantastic photographer Donatella Parisini, a couple of fabulous headpieces from Louise Lassay Designs (Goliath & Giant Mesquite) and 6 beautiful and wonderfully patient models – the series ‘Beetle Mania’ was born. Each image was inspired by and subsequently named after a particularly glorious member of the beetle world and was painted using only cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics – no carmine here thank you very much!! When all 6 make up looks had been completed and photographed I spent a hefty chunk of time experimenting in Photoshop to add artwork to each hero shot – thank you so much Donatella for giving me free reign to play with the photos!



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Eupholus Browni

Forest Shield Nymph

Giant Mesquite


Thanks to our awesome models: Elle May Smith, Kea Kenney, Mollie Hannigan, Ingrid Pullen, Jessie James and Najeya Stremouchiw