As one of 20 chosen artists and shapers for the Huntington Beach Rotary Club’s biannual “Surfboards on Parade” event that raises money for local charities…I created a unique fine art mosaic surfboard using mostly mirror, stained glass, metal beads and bits. I show the process of each step it took to create this one of kind surfboard.

I created this board as a tribute to women surfers. I wanted it to have a unisex feel that focused more on the beauty of movement, strength and dedication of a woman surfer and different symbols celebrating women scattered in the background around the random flowers I placed in this piece.

I named the piece “Like Sun and Waves I Rise” with the idea that it would be about the dedication it takes to surf and empowerment of the women who surf in a very male dominated sport.

Very proud of how the board evolved and has become my favorite piece to date.

You can find video of my surfboard on my Facebook page. “Anne Marie Price/AMP Art Studio” or on my website

Also look for more about my surfboard and all other Surfboards created by exceptional local artists on the Surfboards on Parade website.

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The name.

Almost there.

Before grout.

After grout.

My signature.

It’s all in the details.


Bolsa Chica Beach in Huntington Beach, CA

Playing with reflections.

The big reveal.

“Like Sun and Waves I Rise” by Anne Marie Price