Even the longest journey begins with a few simple steps. An idea, a few keystrokes and an inspiration. They say that every great book is written for its “perfect reader” in the mind of the author. My “perfect reader” was my child.

I wished to teach him that the choices we all make are ultimately our own responsibility. So I began writing a magical book that would allow him to create his own fairytale by making the choices within the story. A book he could play with. A book we could play with – together as father and son.

I remember the day we brought home the first test copy of the book. The illustrations were overly saturated, colors too dark, pages poorly put together. My son couldn’t care less. It quickly became his all-time favorite book. When he begged me to read it to him before bedtime, I knew he wasn’t just pretending, because children simply do not pretend like us adults.

In those moments of shared happiness I knew that my life mission had now changed. I desired to see the same sparkle in the eyes of as many children as possible. I designed a website and uploaded my book, so anybody could download it for free. Its success went beyond my wildest dreams. Parents all over our small country of Bulgaria were having the same amazing experience with their children.

Now I have a shelf full of awards, hundreds of kindergartens and schools working with my book and four editions to my name. But my biggest success remains that glittering sparkle I see in the eyes of the children we meet.

Our lives have become an ever-quickening race for money. We spend less and less time with our children, strangers in our own homes. I have a strong bond with my son and I hope those books will inspire parents to read and play with their kids. I promise them stories filled with humor and adventures, but above all – empathy, kindness and understanding. Now I have released my GameTale in English for free, hoping to make a difference in the lives of children and parents alike.

More info: gametale.eu

50 magical illustrations

94 ways to read the book and 20 endings

Four adventure zones, inspired by my son’s favorite place

Plenty of ideas to have some fun

Thousands of little (and BIG) fans

Teacher created a game, so Gremmy can meet the children on the first day of school!

This family celebrated a gremlin birthday. Take a look at the amazing handmade cake!

A second grade class wrote their own fan fiction. How cool is that!

I am the youngest author to win the most prestigious award for children’s literature in Bulgaria