I am an English collage artist currently based in California and in 2017 I participated in the #100 day project on Instagram. I created 100 paper heads on old book covers and pages. Every day I took a familiar phrase or cliche such as “she cut off her nose to spite her face ” or “a bird’s eye view” and illustrated it. I also used hat names, hair styles and anything else that somehow relates to the head, hair, eyes, face and mouth. All the paper heads are women and they are done in my particular style of collaging where I use images cut from old books.

My cutting is detailed and very precise and I always include an element of strangeness and curious oddities in my collage art – these aspects are reflected in the paper heads whether it is from ” A piece of her mind” where I cut out a piece of brain or “Hair Raising” where the woman’s hair is comprised of a bat, spiders, a snake and other frightening creatures. The last collage of the project is called “A Beautiful Mind” which sums up the overall theme of the “100 days of paper heads” which is my interpretation of the beauty and complexities of the female brain, mind and visage.

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6. Hare Brain

15. Her Frame of Mind

23. A Piece of Her Mind

28. Swimming Cap

30. She Kept a Straight Face

35. She Cut Off Her Nose to Spite Her Face

36. Red Eye

38. Hair Raising

45. Poisoning Her Mind

57. Hair Of The Dog

66. She Had a Bird’s Eye View

78. Head Rest

90. Head Hunter

99. Night Cap

100. A Beautiful Mind