I’m a designer that loves to create Travel Posters, I can’t seem to stop. I love the look, I loved the era, and I can’t help but imagine both real life and fictional places to do next.

I’ve always loved travelling, I’d spend so much time daydreaming as a kid about all the places I’d wanted to go and I’ve always loved the golden era of advertising, enchanted by the attractive design and detail. So I combined two of the things I loved, Travel and Posters into one.

My posters are 18×24, and they can be made full custom for anyone. I create Airline Posters, Pokemon Travel posters, Sci-fi, and maps.



More info: Etsy

I’d always loved traveling, and would day dream about all the places I wanted to go explore

I combined my two favorite loves, Traveling and Designing into a business, and created Posternaut

I love doing Airline Posters and re-imagining what they would look like if they were made in the 60s

A fun topic to design are fictional cities as Travel Posters

Some of my most popular posters are Sci-fi, including Douglas Adams and Star wars

I’ve got a lot of love so far from my work, and hope that my hobby turns into career