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I Create Colorful And Magical Illustrations, Using Natural Materials Only
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Illustration6 years ago

I Create Colorful And Magical Illustrations, Using Natural Materials Only

My name is Haleli Jabotinsky, and I’m a content manager from Israel.
In my day job I create beauty using words, but when I get home I create it using sticks, leafs and flower petals.
I have always loved arts, and have always been a nature enthusiastic (Maybe that’s why flowers have always been the main subject in my paintings). Lately I realized I can combine my passions and illustrate portraits and animals using flowers as a material – and not just a subject.
I am now using my Instagram account as the main platform for showcasing my art and I invite you to follow me for a daily dosage of colorful beauty: @leli_j

Usually, my flower girls are cheerful and happy.

Other times, they are a bit grim…

I never plan my illustrations in advance, but rather relay on the muse my metarials provide me that day.

I get better at detailing my designs as time goes by.

And I like playing with the natural shapes of the leafs, rather than adjusting them to my needs. It feels like putting together an interesting puzzle.

This illustration is based on my amazing Ragdoll cat – Alfie, who likes to nap by my side while I create my art.

Although I use filters after I photograph the designs – the natural colors are almost as bright as they are on the screen.

This was the first Illustration I’ve created for my Instagram account –

I hope you’ll enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it!


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