I make beautiful casts of skulls and bones, immortalising nature in jewelry art. I collect skulls, insects and seedpods from areas of countryside in Cornwall, England. Mesmerised by nature, intricate detail and beauty in the macabre, I am inspired to create three-dimensional jewelry, transforming these natural objects into solid silver jewelry combined with precious stones, so that people can treasure them forever. I wanted to show that there is beauty in all nature, by casting a skull in precious metal I remove the grotesque and enhance the beauty I see within them.

I wanted to keep every little detail from the original form within the silver item. My jewelry is created using an extensive mould making process, combined with wax injection and lost wax investment casting. This is a very intricate process that allows me to achieve this incredible detail, even on the sparrows feet the scales and talons are visible, the vole skull even has teeth on the underside of the jaw.

As a result, the forms and details I achieve are irregular amongst the handmade. Each piece is so finely detailed it needs to be properly viewed under and magnifying glass. Each initial cast takes around 30 hours to mould, perfect, cast and polish. Although the process is long and there is a lot of refining involved, I believe it is worth it for the final result.

More info: Etsybethanyrobinson.co.uk

Black bird skull. Photo credit: Jo clement

Odd pair of sparrows foot earrings and bird skull necklace

Sparrows foot pendant through the eye socket of a sheep skull. Photo credit: Jo Clement

Bird skull and vole skull

Sparrows feet clutching agate stones

Two sparrow foot pendants

Mouse pelvis in solid silver

Nature, seed collection

Bird skull pendant. Photo credit: Jo clement