I love taking photos of my two beautiful girls, and when I was editing the latest photography art pieces I took of my oldest daughter it hit me – this gives me a hint of what she will look like in the future. I can see my daughter as a young lady when I look at these photos.

My little girl is still six years old, but there is something so calm and wise in her eyes. The serenity of the beautiful pictures shows her old soul.

My own mother said it as well “she looks so grown up.” But she isn’t – and yet she is.

As a six-year-old, she is both my little baby and a very wise person – all in one, and that’s the beauty of raising kids.

Somedays she just wants to sit in my lap, or she will be screaming over her sister because they want the same toy.

The next day when I ask her what she is writing in her book, she will tell me “I am writing down all the names of my friends, so I won’t forget them when we move to our new house, and I change schools.” So wise.

She will start first grade this fall, in a new school and well, she is just growing up so very fast.

I just want to hold on to my little baby, keep her forever in my arms, and at the same time, I look forward to watching her grow into an independent person trying her own wings. Maybe other parents can relate to these thoughts?