I am Celerina Mo and I’m happy to say that my latest and very true and really big passion – porcelain nymphet-like dolls.

A collection presents individual unpolished hand-built porcelain technique that opens the opportunity to create freely and spontaneously. Intuitive and rough modeling process simulates skin imperfections and defects.

These girls look rather fresh and strong than pretty. Their images mirror romance, passion, solitude, loneliness and partially desperation. What are more, dolls blurring the lines between art and toys? They shape the environment, the context, not only awakens the aesthetic satisfaction but also encourages the observer reflection. Tenderness – the only external feature of these works. My creatures are vibrant, screaming with emotion, dramatic, criticizing, uncomfortable and sometimes very romantic or naive. In each of them – a dream and longing. And how Bored Panda suggest writing: “it took me XXX hours to complete it!”

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