I love fairytales! And I think I love them even more now than when I was a child. As I walk or ride my horse through the deep forest I often picture my self in an epic saga, being a hero or some magical creature.
As a photographer I naturally take a lot of photos of my two daughters. I love documenting them together playing in the horses pasture or walking in the forest.
My oldest daughter also has a great interest in fairytales and likes to play princess as well as dragon. She likes to dress up, and looking at her wardrobe of princess dresses I had an idea – what if I could make her fairytale come to life in my photographs?
So this summer she and I made an photo saga together. It started small but grew as we went along, also involving one of our horses and different props. It ended up being magical and the photos got an enchanted feel to them, I’m so exited that I can capture the magic I feel when I’m in nature and turn it into something for other people to see.
And that is what we did with the photo saga “The Fairy and the Warrior Princess”.

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