Like many other cats Batman was left on the street. He used to be ill and weak, doctors told, that he will not live, but he appeared to be strong spirited so he grabbed his chance and survived.

This is the story of our beautiful and strong cat Batman.

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Batman the Cat: now and then

This little sweetheart was found on the street 2 years when he was about 1 month old and weighted around 300 grams

He was ill and weak. He had ringworms and, obviously, his former owners tried to treat him as his ears were burnt with green antiseptic. Anyway, they threw him away like a trash.

This kitty was found and brought into his new home

His first doctor said he wouldn’t live with such disease. He had injections and had to drink antibiotics for a month, but it was useless. It only made him feel worse.

Even though the doctor said to bathe him with special dermatological shampoo, it only made the disease worse

Batman wasn’t very happy with his treatment, but he was very brave all the way

His second doctor said his disease was incurable and Batman was too weak to live

But his new family insisted on treatment. For two months Batman had injections and ointment. Unfortunately useless.

Doctor said we should think of euthanasia. But we didn’t want to hear about it

And we did it! Batman grew up into a beautiful cat with amazing fur and evil eyes

Now Batman stays in perfect shape and we are so lucky ho have him.

Batman is a very special cat

And fun. He pretends to be evil at the first glance, but deep inside he is a very sweet cat.

He’s now strong and healthy

We are very happy that we did not hive up on him. Sometimes you can save someone’s life if you only overcome negligence