I have a graphic design degree but I wanted to do something with hands, not with a computer.

So three years ago I went to a studio and thought they were doing pottery, but actually, it was only sculptured they made. I gave it a try and immediately fell in love with it.

This is my first series of works made from clay, wax, and wood. They represent a body of a man and all he can achieve with it and what he believes in.

“Alpha” is my first sculpture that I worked on for five months. It consists of 400 male faces made of clay, dipped in white wax on a wooden circle.

“Beta” is the second. Consists of about 150 human bodies in various poses, dipped in green wax.

“Gama” is the third and consists about 200 symbols, dipped in black wax.

All the size of sculptures is Ø 120cm and the weight is about 55kg.