Being a donor is one of the hardest and yet most rewarding decisions you can make in your lifetime. Being so altruistic that you are willing to risk your own well-being in order to save somebody else’s life is not only kind but also truly courageous. But finding a donor is not that easy, some patients can wait many years before they receive the organ they are waiting for. Unfortunately, some are in a such a desperate need that they are willing to do anything it takes in order to find that one hero who can save their life.

Recently, writer and editor Lilit Marcus has shared an image on Twitter that quickly went viral

The photo she shared showed a man carrying a sign on his backpack stating he is searching for a kidney donor for his wife. It was quickly found out that the man in the picture is Raymond Thomspon. He and his wife met in 2000 and his wife was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 years ago.

People quickly jumped to contact Thompson offering to be kidney donors

In fact, this is not the first time people tried to find a donor by displaying text in public

Image credits: Roco Sand

Robert Leibowitz did a similar thing while walking in Disney World, the photo was shared on Facebook and quickly went viral.

After Lilit’s post went viral people started sharing their own stories on being a donor