My name is Vainius and I’ve been obsessed with Light Art for over a year now. I use coconut, corks and suede to create lamps that dominate the room. Handcrafted lamps look like shiny jewels and light patterns make you want to stare at a wall like you would stare at clouds or stars.

It all started after stumbling a lamp picture made by an artist named Calabarte. Though I couldn’t purchase his amazing works of art as they cost a pretty penny, I couldn’t let go of the thought of paintings made with light. So, I started creating my own concept, design and it took about 9 months until I had my first lamp. The passion grew stronger and my works started getting more and more precise and beautiful.

The head of the lamp is made out of coconut but after careful shaving, waxing and drilling it shines like some sort of jewel. Although the lamp stand, which is covered in suede, makes the fixture soft and sweet, the body of a snake gives you a sign of fear.

The light patterns of the lamp are still the most important part of the lamp, thus experimenting and creating something new never ends. I believe that natural materials give warmth to any home and the fact that it took many hours to create the lamp makes people appreciate it even more.

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