Here are 18 simple steps to make a miniature motorcycle out of 2 disposable lighters .

More info: How to make a motorcycle out of two disposable lighters

Step 1 :

you will need 2 disposable lighters that look like these. Bic ones will not work for this project

Step 2 :

Disassemble them. Be very careful as you are dealing with a flammable object. The key is to get all these pieces off the lighter. I have tried many different ways of getting all the pieces off. One way was to put the lighters on the ground and throw a rock at it … another way is to hold the thumb part down until all the lighter fluid is gone (probably the safest way) and then use wire cutters to break the glass …. BE CAREFUL

Step 3 :

Take one of the top black (or whatever color your lighter top is) piece and place the round part back in it’s place (without the spring or flint). You will need to do this for both front and back wheels.

Step 4 :

The long white tubes with the silver tops will act as the handle bars

Step 5 :

Cut the tubes just below the silver tops, you might glue the the silver “handle” to the white tube if you wish

Step 6 :

Glue these handle bars on to the part of the front wheel area that sticks up. You can have them angle in or straight out.

Step 7 :

Do the same thing with the black top for the rear wheels as above.

Step 8 :

take this object (sorry I don’t know the name of this piece) and glue the stick part into the barrel part (you might need to remove a plastic shell depending on which lighter you have. These will be your exhaust pipes.

Step 9 :

Glue the exhaust pipes just above the back wheels (make sure you don’t do this to the part you glued the handle bars to)

Step 10 :

Glue the front wheel piece to the back wheel piece. Don’t worry about the angle. Allow some time for these two pieces to bond before the next steps.

Step 11 :

The piece that your thumb uses to light the lighter will act as the seat.

Step 12 :

Place the new seat over the piece that is sticking up between the front wheel and back wheel. The rare time that a round peg actually does fit into a square hole.

Step 13 :

I know I said not to use a Bic, but the red button can be used as a back light if desired.

Step 14 :

Remove the thumb piece

Step 15 :

Affix the Bic thumb piece to the back of the bike above the exhaust. I shaved down the back of the red piece using an xacto knife to make it flat. You can also use some of the colored glass from the lighter to make headlights or tail lights … be creative!

Step 16 :

Take one of the silver pieces from the front of the lighter and bend in the metal area from the top to form a “U” shape.

Step 17 :

Affix the metal piece to the front of your bike, you might not need glue for this step.

Step 18 :

Enjoy your new motorcycle made from lighters. Please post pictures of your bike into this album or my wall as I would love to see your creations. Feel free to ask any questions you might have along the way, have fun! FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS ALBUM WITH YOUR NETWORK…