Here is a step-by-step process on how to build your very own watch parts motorcycle in less than 20 easy steps.

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Step #1

Here’s what you will need (I’ve never laid out my build before so I might have to add or delete some of the parts as we go). These are all very accessible parts that you should be able to easily find.
From left to right: 2 identical watch crowns for the tail lights, round watch case for back fender, round watch movement with 2 watch dials for back tire, leather strap and buckle for seat, pocket watch crown and 8 identical watch crowns for engine, watch dials for exhaust and buckle for connections, 3 vintage ladies watch cases for the chassis, rectangular vintage ladies watch case for the front forks, pocket watch crown for the headlight, watch buckle for the handlebars, round watch movement and 2 dials for the front tires … and super glue. Let’s get started.

Step #2

Using the 8 identical watch crowns affix them to the pocket watch crown … i actually added one extra crown between all of them (bottom left picture). This is a much smaller scale then I’m used to as you can see compared with an engine I am working on (bottom right photo) … next we will do the chassis …

Step #3

Glue two of the vintage ladies watch cases together for the chassis. This is probably the most popular and easy to find size and shape.

Step #4

Glue engine into chassis.

Step #5

Glue third watch case onto top of the chassis to make the gas tank. I like to keep the crystal on the case for the gas tank as it gives it the domed look.

Step #6

Use a round watch movement and affix a watch dial on either side (usually the movement will already have one on one side).

Step #7

Use a round watch case, cut it in half and glue the two pieces together for the back fender.

Step #8

Place the back wheel in the completed fender and attach it to the chassis we built.

Step #9

Use a round watch movement and affix a dial on either side for the front tire.

Step #10

Attache the front forks to the front wheel.

Step #10

Using a rectangular watch case, disassemble it and cut the bottom of the front of the case for the front forks.

Step #11

I didn’t like the way the rear Wheels were floating so I added these watch parts as a bridge …

Step #12

Use a leather watch band, cut it to size and affix it for the seat. The more used the strap the better.

Step #13

Use a small buckle at the back of the seat.

Step #14

Use a watch buckle and the little piece that goes in the holes of the straps (not sure it’s proper name) for the handle bars. bend the buckle slightly and attache the little pieces as the brake and gas.

Step #15

Use a pocket watch crown for the headlight.

Step #16

Use two watch crowns at the tail lights.

Step #17

Take two watch dials and a buckle. Cut the buckle in half and roll the dials with a needle nose plires for the exhaust pipes .. place them on the motorcycle.

Step #18

Sometimes i affix a small watch dial at the back tire to keep the sculpture steady.

Complete … enjoy.