There are so many countries in the world to visit! Bold Tuesday’s interactive map will tell you how big your personal world really is – in style and clarity.

Go! World” is a personal map, which can make you proud and content or feel a tingling with excitement about the places that have yet to be discovered. In both cases it is a reflection of you and shows how big and rich your world really is. Though, visually it will look stylish, sleek and complete even if only a few places are marked.

The countries are cut into the black matte vinyl as thin contours. You can peel open all the visited places and a white surface will appear from underneath – the known territories light up in the dark unknown!

Compared to all the digital applications it is a visually pleasing and most minimal “analog” technique to keep a record of countries visited and to have a clear statistical overview of your travel progress. As Bold Tuesday studies have shown, all the proud owners make their future travel plans based on their “Go! World” poster.

More info:

Peel open countries you have visited

It can be a perfect gift – everybody loves to travel

You can get this map on Etsy.