We’ve all got a favorite fruit, vegetable or spice, but most of us probably don’t know where they come from or what their plant even looks like. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 22 delicious fruits, vegetables and spices showing how they’re grown.

We’re sure you know about how a few of these foods grow, but most of you probably don’t know all of them. Personally, I had no idea that cashews looked like that, and I could’ve sworn that kiwis grow on trees! It’s also interesting to note how many different parts of these plants we like to eat. Cinnamon bark, peanut roots, caper buds, sesame seeds and bananas all come from different parts of their plants and they’re all delicious.

Many of these plants are just one edible sub-species in a larger category of plants that we can’t eat. The banana species that we find in supermarkets are only a handful of all the banana species out there, most of which we can’t eat because they’re full of hard seeds.

Knowing where your food comes from and how it is made is important because it allows us to make more educated choices about what we eat. Finding out that kiwis grow on vines probably won’t change whether or not someone eats them, but it will enrich their understanding of the world and prompt them to take a greater interest in how and by whom their food is grown.

via: Buzzfeed

1. Cacao

Image credits: tgerus

Image credits: wikipedia.org

2. Peanut

Image credits: tessgarcia.wordpress.com

Image credits: nebedaay

3. Cinnamon

Image credits: cchorita.blogspot.com

4. Vanilla

Image credits: Giancarlo Sibilio

Image credits: commons.wikimedia.org

5. Pineapple

Image credits: prince470701

Image credits: vulgarfractions.wordpress.com

6. Kiwi

Image credits: organiceconomist.blogspot.com

Image credits: shelf3d.com

7. Black Pepper

Image credits: Scot Nelson

8. Almond

Image credits: Namacun

Image credits: Tom Raftery

9. Avocado

Image credits: commons.wikimedia.org

10. Starfruit

Image credits: ecosailingcharters.com

11. Sesame Seeds

Image credits: joycitytires

Image credits: wikipedia.org

12. Coffee

Image credits: whyfiles.org

Image credits: wikipedia.org

13. Mango

Image credits: bestonebuy.com

14. Cashew

Image credits: wikipedia.org

Image credits: wikipedia.org

15. Saffron

Image credits: gardenofeaden.blogspot.com

Image credits: pleasehelpmerhonda.com

16. Capers

Image credits: thegardenwanderer.blogspot.com

Both the flower buds and the fruit of the caper are edible! (Image credits: wikipedia.org)

17. Persimmon

Image credits: mast-producing-trees.org

18. Brussel Sprouts

Image credits: pompeyshoes

19. Artichokes

Artichokes are actually the stiff petals of a beautiful flower. (Image credits: miran)

20. Tea Plant

Image credits: nososcachorros.blogspot.com

21. Pistachio

Image credits: panoramio.com

22. Pomegranate

Image credits: islandsofpeace.blogspot.com

Image credits: jewishexponent.com