The success, wealth, popularity and passionate love of millions of fans – it would seem that Hollywood’s celebrities have everything they can dream about. But it turns out that even in this life they do not have enough drive, excitement, raging emotions and victories. And to meet their needs, they are not sent to some tropical islands, but to the best casinos in the world. Who from celebrities loves gambling and how exactly they spend their leisure time.

Fans of excitement hails from Hollywood

Ben Affleck – perhaps the most inveterate poker player in Hollywood. He has a phenomenal ability to calculate mathematically the probability of falling out of cards, so he loses extremely rarely. In the early 2000s, Ben often took part in major poker tournaments, where he beat the best players in the world. Now, in view of the loaded shooting schedule, Ben does not have time to participate in the championships, but he does not miss the opportunity to visit Vegas on the weekend.

Ben’s friend, Matt Damon, understands poker as well as Affleck. Before filming the movie “Shulera” Matt took lessons from the legendary Johnny Chen, a member of the Hall of Fame poker. Today, the actor regularly participates in charity tournaments and rests in the casino during breaks between shootings.

Spiderman Tobey Maguire used to organize clandestine poker tournaments and, according to his friends, he won huge sums there, which he could not bear at a time. The actor often participates in the opening of new casinos and, of course, uses every opportunity to sit at the poker table.

Sex symbol Pamela Anderson is a professional poker player with more than one hundred tournaments held behind him. Pamela has a huge passion for gambling. A few years ago, she launched an online casino and now she wants to open a real gambling club in Las Vegas. By the way, visiting the casino, blond beauty sometimes hangs for a long time and near the machine called Playboy, which is very symbolic.

Another representative of the beautiful half, famous for the series “Desperate Housewives” Eva Longoria, likes to play poker, roulette and bones. For more than 10 years, the actress has been organizing a charity poker tournament for Evas Heroes Celebrity Casino Night, transferring the proceeds to the fund for helping mentally retarded people.

Almost every weekend, people come to Las Vegas often sitting in the halls for ordinary visitors Bruce Willis (by the way, adoring craps), Paris Hilton, Matthew Perry. He loved to visit the Casino of the City of Vices and the creator of the Playboy Empire, Hugh Hefner. And Brad Pitt because of the lack of free time now invests more in large casinos than he plays himself.

Star Jackpots

Of course, Hollywood stars visit the casino not so much for the sake of winning, but for the sake of excitement and vivid emotions. But despite this, they sometimes manage to make good money. So, Forbes magazine reported that in 2001 at one of the professional tournaments in blackjack Ben Affleck won $ 800 thousand and left almost a fifth of this amount ($ 150 thousand) to the dealer for tea. California Championship in poker in 2004 brought Ben $ 356 thousand, and in 2005 – another $ 25 thousand. And this is only a small part of his success.

In 2012, Paris Hilton, celebrating her birthday in the Wynn Las Vegas gaming center, accidentally won $ 30,000 in blackjack, and immediately posted a photo of the win with a happy comment in social networks.

In which casinos do celebrities rest and why do they love them so much?

Las Vegas is the most popular holiday destination among world celebrities. In this city, everything is fine: gigantic shopping centers with boutiques of fashion brands, luxury restaurants, which employ the best chefs of the world, luxury hotels and the best in all America nightclubs. And here it is full of prestigious casinos that allow you to get a lot of bright emotions and merge with the crowd.

One of the important advantages of the casino of this city is their closeness from the outside world: self-respecting institutions simply do not let in intrusive paparazzi. And what can be more pleasant for the stars than for at least one night to be shielded from excessive attention to one’s own person?

In the Palms casino, for example, “star” poker, roulette and craps championships are held in separate rooms: ordinary people can not go there. The regulars of this institution are Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Pamela Anderson and Jason Jambi.

Among the other popular casinos in Las Vegas, where celebrities like to relax, it is worth to mention the legendary Mirage and Bellagio, as well as Casino Popchips, Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, Wynn Las Vegas.

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