Sultan the Pit Pony is a breathtaking 200-meter-long raised-earth sculpture in Parc Penalta, South Wales. This sculpture, created by Wales-based artist Mick Petts, is the largest earth sculpture in United Kingdom. It has become a significant visitor destination, with paths and scenic viewpoints offering beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

It all began in 1996, when Petts was commissioned to design a landform to shelter the events area of Parc Penallta from prevailing winds. It took 3 years and 60,000 tons of coal shale to construct this landform, which symbolizes the final release of the pit ponies  used in the local mining industry.

Pit ponies were used by the local mining industry for two centuries to haul tubs of coal. The last animal-miner retired in 1999. As soon as the sculpture was completed, locals nicknamed it “Sultan” after a prize-winning pony from Penallta Pit.

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