There are some things that never change. The sun sets in the West. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are still delicious. And Macaulay Culkin shall forevermore be Kevin McCallister from the spectacular Home Alone movies.

Fans of the Home Alone films are madly hyped up after the actor tweeted that he would be ‘100%’ behind the idea of starring in a reboot of the series after supporters of the idea petitioned him online. Disney had recently announced that the movies would be remade, and Culkin had made headlines that time by posting a hilarious pic of himself. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with Lawrence Ward, whose tweet about having the actor re-cast in the reboot caught Culkin’s attention.

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One guy had the brilliant idea to petition Macaulay Culkin to play Kevin McCallister from Home Alone again

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The actor said he fully supported this idea (and fixed a couple of mistakes)

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Image credits: IncredibleCulk

The person who petitioned Culkin with the idea was Lawrence Ward who was over the moon when the actor replied to him. What fans are eager to see the most is Culkin playing 8-year-old Kevin while being 39 years old himself. And the cherry on top would be that nobody in the movies would acknowledge that he’s a grown-up playing the role of a kid. I think this would be glorious and an instant success.

Bored Panda contacted Lawrence Ward, and he gave us some insights into what he thinks are Culkin’s and Home Alone’s strongest features.

“I think the reason people love the Home Alone films so much is really because of Kevin. He’s essentially an action hero that flips the whole idea of an action hero on its head. He’s a scared little kid who uses his imagination to get the better of people like real villains again and again. All the while maintaining the role of a child having fun.”

The internet went wild with crazy ideas for the Home Alone reboot

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Ward added that the Home Alone movies without Culkin “are just not Home Alone movies — he is the franchise.” He also noted that the Home Alone films without Culkin in them were “a huge miss.”

“Maybe it’s nostalgia. I’m not sure. But for me, anything that’s Home Alone and doesn’t have Macaulay Culkin in it just won’t be Home Alone.”

Some could barely contain their enthusiasm

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Ward shared some of his thoughts about what else he’d enjoy seeing in the upcoming reboot: “As much of the original cast as possible. Joe Pesci if he’s up for it.” 

“A sequel to the originals would be a much much better idea than a reboot with recasting. I’m sure underneath the joke I’ve made is a script worth writing. Somehow. There are so many people who have commented beneath with fan-fic plots that I would 100% pay to see,” Ward said.

Check out Culkin’s cool video here

Christmas time is closely associated with watching Home Alone with your loved ones around you and a fabulous dinner in front of you. It’s an annual ritual that most of us participate in. Well, that and watching Every. Single. Harry. Potter. Film. For. The. 100th. Time.

Now, you might be thinking that it’s a bit too early to be talking about Christmas, but I assure you, your local malls are probably already putting up the decorations and cranking up the volume of ‘Jingle Bells’ all the way to 11 on the music system.

We can expect a Home Alone reboot sometime in the next two years. While some of us might be a tiny bit skeptical about Culkin playing a kid, this wouldn’t be the first time that an adult plays a far younger character’s role.

Fatherly writes that Stockard Channing was 33 years old when he played a 17-year-old in Grease. What’s more, back in 2009, a 55-year-old actress played the 11-year-old protagonist in a stage version of Neil Gaiman’s book ‘Coraline.’

Would you like to see Culkin return to the Home Alone reboot? Share your thoughts with other Pandas below.

The Twitter user who petitioned Culkin was over the moon

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