In Bagac, Bataan (Central Luzon Philippines), an open-air museum and heritage park was built by the house collector, José Acuzar. He bought Spanish colonial buildings and stone houses of historical, cultural and architectural value from different parts of the country. Each building was dismantled brick by brick, numbered, transported to his resort in Bagac and reassembled in the same order, and then restored.

It took seven years before the heritage park was opened to the public.

This hotel housed foreigners, Filipino heroes and prominent personalities of the 18th century.

Some houses were turned into museums and some could be rented for a staycation.

The resort also offers a sunrise breakfast cruise and sunset cocktail river cruise.

The heritage park showcases a village that takes back the people to Spanish colonial times.

Some houses hide scandalous stories of the prominent Filipinos during the 18th century.

The resort has stay-in artisans who maintain the buildings.

The resort is still under development and more historical houses are to be relocated here.