Meet Semih, a collage artist from Turkey, whose works may cause various emotions - starting with a giggle, bursting with a laugh, ending even on a mix of concussion and uneasiness. It is all in the name of art and creativity. Collages created by Semih are characterized by blending concepts and objects at the same time. The result is quite unique.

As the artist told us during the last interview (click here to see the previous Bored Panda article about this artist): “What I believe is each being has a bond with all other beings. Most of the time, these bonds are still hidden or unexplored. Therefore, revealing them is fun. So I hope you will enjoy my meaning circus.”

This time we want to present you with Semih's collages featuring cats. You can admire mainly some “hybrids” of felines and humans. However weird it may sound, the effect is hilarious. Scroll down to see what this Turkish artist came up with this time.

More info: Instagram | Etsy

Bored Panda reached out to Semih, the artist behind Selftasy's Instagram account, to find out more about his unique cat collages. First, we asked how he became interested in creating collages, particularly ones that combine images of cats with humans. Semih told us: “I started making collages just to have fun among friends while I was studying architecture in university. In time it turned into a hobby and developed by reading theory about semiotics and assemblage. I don’t have any specific reason for making collages of cats and humans, but I can say that both humans and cats are well-known creatures in our culture, thus their mimics, actions, or behaviors easily fit each other for all audiences. So it makes them understandable relatively easier than other collages of mine.”

Asked what draws him to the idea of blending concepts and objects in his collages and how he decides which elements to combine, Semih revealed: “Mostly it’s a random process. Before I start making a collage, I start taking a glance at different images, after a while, I usually catch 2 or more different images that somehow relate with each other, then the rest is just adjusting and blending them. But sometimes it's the opposite way. I come up with an idea first and then search for specific images I need.”

Then, we wanted to know the artist’s opinion about what unique strengths the collage has compared to other forms of art, such as simple photography. Semih explained: “Well, it's a very difficult question, because of the variety of art forms. The answer would be quite different if we compare it with painting or with music. If I need to answer specifically about photography, I guess the main strength is in collage scenery, models or objects are unlimited and not attached to reality. A photograph needs to have an equivalent version of itself in real life. For instance, a photograph might represent a real car or a real animal in a realistic or fictional scene, etc… In collage, what you need is not a real object or scene but photographs only. And the object you are creating can be both a car and an animal together. So I can say the main strength of collage compared to photography is unrealistic freedom.”

Next, we were curious if Semih could share any memorable responses or feedback he has received from people who have seen his collages. We found out that: “The ones I love the most are other artists reproducing my collages with different mediums like oil painting or illustration. I can’t share them by typing; you can find them on my profile.”

Lastly, we asked if there are any specific emotions or reactions Semih hopes to evoke in viewers when they see his collages. The artist told us: “Well, I can’t generalize this, impressions can be very different according to different collages, but I might say I love the feeling of absurdity in all of them. I don’t know why.”

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