60 ceramic life-size city foxes in London and 61 ceramic life-size city rabbits in Helsinki were placed around the cities in the beginning of autumn. They are numbered and photographed on location. Finders, keepers.

Wild in the City is an environmental installation. It is an on-going project studying and experimenting on how we perceive our urban environment. The installation encourages to observe and examine our surroundings, to conceive how surprising urban environments can be and how the ugly may turn out to be beautiful and mundane things become interesting. The installation also celebrates urban diversity in different cities. Live and let live.

I want to wake up and surprise people in their everyday environment and consider the interaction between art, man and animals in their shared urban environment. Animals in an urban setting arouse feelings about how we should relate to them. It’s also questioning the rights to use urban environment and growing control in urban settings. City animals are a good medium to wake up discussion and make people to experience cities in a new way. Me as a person with background in architecture, I am super happy if I can motivate people to feel, see and experience spaces and places in the cities in a new way.

I am delighted in the thought of where the foxes and rabbits may end up. I took a Polaroid of the foxes and the rabbits when I placed them in the environment. I hope those who find the animals take pictures of them in their new place and post them on Instagram or on the gallery’s Facebook. Polaroids of the animals can be found from the same place.

More info: hanna-kaarina.fi

photo credit Conrad Haddaway aka conivway

Artist hiding a city rabbit in Helsinki

Interesting place. Do you know where I am?

Photo credit Conrad Haddaway aka conivway

A city rabbit in Helsinki

Layers in city the space. Fox hiding

Photo credit Conrad Haddaway aka conivway

Random meeting. Keep your eyes open

Photo credit Conrad Haddaway aka conivway

Gallery Saariaho Järvenpää in London