Karens, we know them, we (don't) love them, and they are everywhere. Almost everyone has had a Karen encounter or two in their life, and I am interested to hear what yours is. Whether it is racist Karen, covid Karen, or just plain Karen Karen, post your worst Karen encounters here! (Side note: I wouldn't say I like the term Karen, all of the Karens I know are the nicest ladies you will ever meet, and ever since the term Karen came into existence, they have been treated rudely by every single teenager they meet, IDK why I felt the need to put this here.)

(Side Side note: Why is it so much easier to write Social media posts than it is School assignments of the same length???)

Bring on the rude lady-ness!


i was eating lunch at a local Tim Hortins during my lunch break out side of my school so i was scrolling thru Instagram with my headphones on and this lady came up to me and YANKED my headset out of my phone. not my ear. my phone and told me i should shut off my phone and socialize with the other kids and she was pissed AF. so i refused and i pointed out all the other teens sitting close to me that were on their phones WHILE sitting with their friends. so i decided to tell her to get f*cked and go.



It happened when I was on a camping trip, I was four or five years old and me and my brother were drawing on wood with charcoal from the fire. My dad is feeding or cleaning up my little sister and this lady walks up to us and yells, "DON'T LET YOUR KIDS PLAY WITH FIRE!!!!!!" My dad comes and looks at us and says, "It's okay, you can keep doing it" So then the lady replies, "IT'S NOT OKAY!!!!!" I don't really remember what happened next, but I think that my dad talked to her and she left.



Sadly, my aunt. I was at the eye doctor, and the doctor said I needed a kind of contact lens. My aunt started to argue with the doctor about prices, and my own health. All I could do for the twenty minutes that they were screaming at each other was stand there, embarrassed.


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Some people really think that health is a privledge.


I was at target and a lady was calmly, but angrily speaking to the customer service ppl because she had 'bought it before' and 'didnt need to pay again' Good times.



I never really faced a Karen before, but about 3 years ago, I was sitting with a classmate. There was a substitute teacher that day (F), so my teacher posted a video of him teaching the class. The substitute was in a conversation with another adult-not teacher during the video. My teacher (M) in the video was specifically talking to her -the sub, and the person next to me said in a polite tone, "He's talking to you." She immediately turned around and got in her face saying, paraphrase- "You are being so rude, I am talking to a teacher and you interrupted our conversation. I am writing you up to the AP office." Then she turned around and walked away. I got so mad but didn't say anything. The person who got yelled at sitting next to me said before that she didn't like her because of how she taught, and she disliked her even more after that. The sub's I know are normally very nice and understanding. This sub was just the closest thing to a Karen I came in counter with.



I came in late one day for a dentist appointment and one of my teachers was sick so there was a sub. The sub yelled at me for not being there and said that I would be marked as absent. I had the note and I gave it to her but NO! I asked her how to do the assignment that the rest of the class was doing and she full on screamed bc "I was in 4th grade and I should already know." Like sorry I missed the directions while I was at the dentist. My bad. -,-


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Where she at? If Nevada, i'm on my way on Wednesday. I got my pistol ready ;)

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I was sitting in a park, on the swings.

(This isn’t the exact conversation, but roughy what happened)

Karen: Hey, you!

Me: Me?

Karen: Yes, you!

Me: What?

Karen: Don’t speak to me like that!

Me: Jeez, sorry!

Karen: I don’t like your body language

Me: My uh - what?!

Karen: Stop doing that thing with your fingers! (Whenever I’m stressed I run my thumb between my fingers, it calms me down)

Me: Okay okay, sorry! What did you want?

Karen: I want you to take those socks and shoes off! And I want you to change out of that T-shirt!

Me: Uhm, no way. What’s wrong with them?

Karen: They’re rainbow!

Me: Yes, they’re rainbow. Well done, you’ve learned a new word

Karen: I’m older than you! Respect me!

Me: Point taken

Karen: Your clothes are promoting a sin!

Me: And, that sin is?

Karen: Being gay!

Me: You seriously think being gay is a sin?!

Karen: Yes!

Me: Sorry to disappoint you, honey, but it ain’t.

Karen: Yes it is!

Me: No it isn’t. Leave me alone

Karen: You gays are so stupid!

Me: Yeah, I am gay, and I am stupid. I have some very smart and very gay friends, though

Karen: You think you’re so smart, don’t you?!

Me: You literally just called me stupid. I JUST CALLED MYSELF STUPID. No, I don’t think I’m ‘so smart’

Karen: *storms off*


And that, dear children, is how you beat a Karen


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And the Grammy Award🏆🥇🏅🎖️ for Teaching goes to... Slytherin!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 :D

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I was buying a pair of socks at this shop and the woman in front of me was screaming at the cashier because she wanted to get $1 off a pack of tissues. Yep, this woman was going full Karen over A PACK OF TISSUES. She held up the line FOREVER and wouldn't stop screaming and yelling until she got her own way and marched out of the shop. Everyone was flabbergasted.



Frankly, I've never faced a Karen myself. Only second-hand experiences.