We all have something embarrassing that happened to us as kids. Whether it’s another awkward crush story, weird things at family gatherings or hilarious incidents that happened in public—we all have that one story. It might still haunt us to this day or we can all have a good laugh!

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alright. I forget how old i was, maybe like 5.

my dad was waiting in line for something i forgot what. I was drifting around, not really caring. Then i saw my dad paying for something. I wanted to surprise him. I ran up and jumped on his back

it wasnt my dad



Gather around, chiren! It's.... STORYTIME! >:3
So, I was like 7, and I was sitting in class taking a spelling test. We had just come back from lunch, and my stomach was feeling weird. Everything was silent, and then I felt this overwhelming heat burning in my buttcheeks. I tried so hard to hold it in, and was literally SWEATING.... But it was too much. I couldn't hold on any longer. I hoped nobody would hear it, and so I released it. The room filled with a loud sound like a motorcycle had come zooming out of my anus. The stench of death exploded from within me. The swat team came in wearing hazmat suits and handed out gas masks. And then I was sent home early because I had sharted myself. THE END!



So I have a lot. This isn't my most embarrassing, but the other ones are really personal and stuff, so... I was in third grade In the center row of desks, right on the end. My teacher called up the row behind me to get their stuff, so they were lining up right next to me. My arm kind of hurt so I stretched it out to the side, and a boy walked right into it. (I'm sure you can guess the area that my hand was...) So he and his friends (lets call the boy bob) went and told the teacher. I was like "OMG, please Bob, don't tell the teacher!" He ignored me and went and told her. And she called me up, and was like, "what happened blah blah blah..." So I was a hot mess. I was in tears trying to explain it to her. And then Bob was like, "well if it was an accident, why didn't you want me to tell the teacher?" I was like, "well I didn't want to get into trouble over nothing!" Well, long story short, I had to talk to the assistant principal, and she called me and Bob in there and then basically went over the same things that my teacher had. They literally called my parents and told them what happened and a got into tons of trouble from the school, but my parent's didn't really care. I mean, we discussed it, but I wasn't in trouble because I WAS A FREAKING THIRD GRADER!!! Like why would I do that on purpose??? Anyway, the purpose of this story? I HAAAAAATEEEED my elementary school. Like HATED it! Also they were really stupid.



When I was in high school, I was preparing for a school play. It was about 45 minute before curtain. Keep in mind this was before cell phones. One of the other kids in the play wasn't there yet, so I was drafted to call his house. I left a message on the family answering machine that haunts me to this day: "if you aren't here before curtain, you're dead meat." What none of us knew was that his family was at the hospital, with his body. He had been shot a couple of hours earlier, and had passed away. In the age before cell phones and social media, there was no way for any of us to know. I was a kid, and the message I left on that machine haunts me to this day. I went to his family's house the next day, along with the rest of my castmates, to express sympathy, because we were all friends (although some of my castmates were FAR closer to the kid than I was). That was the worst moment, the hardest moment. I think someone deleted the message before his parents heard it, but they heard about it, and I apologized to them. None of us had any idea. It was so hard. :(



Mine is the typical toddler story. When I was about 1 or 1 and a half, I thought that I could use the toilet by myself. (Keep in mind I was one, I was still in diapers 😂) I knew that only big girls and boys used the potty😂😅, so I wanted to try. Guess what happened next... I sat on the toilet, but my little toddler body fell right through into the water. To make it worse, my brother hadn't flushed... I landed in the pee, and started to scream my head off. You should have seen my Dad's face....



one time when i was eating at cicis pizza i started to throw up and my mom had to rush me to the toilets leaving a trail of puke...i cant show my face there again cause the same employees work there



so when I was like 2 I had this huge crush on the neighbor's boy. so to tell him of my undying love I sang him a song. It was the wrong house.



ok, so storytime. I was out with my mom why I was like 5 and she took me to the store. in this store, there were makeup samples so you can like to try out new makeup and stuff. I saw it and left my mom to go look. I ended up smearing all kinds of makeup on my face. my mom did not see me leave so she went looking for me. when I was finally found I 1.) looked like a clown and had lipstick and eyeliner all over my face and 2.) my mom had the entire store looking for me. my mom told me this story recently and showed me a picture of what I looked like. honestly, i am happy that i was too dumb to be embarrassed.



I was singing and dancing at a restaurant . I thought my family was the only one there and when the song stopped I heard clapping. Apparently there was another family in the restaurant. I hid behind my mom and cried. I was 5



The church I used to go to offered doughnut holes after service, and there was a specific flavor I liked (cinnamon sugar). I usually grabbed a few of those as my family left, and I happened to see a plate full of the kind I liked. So, naturally, I grabbed some off of that plate for convenience... and that was when I realized that plate belonged to someone. Who was standing right there. Watching me. I quickly shoved all the doughnut holes back onto their plate and walked away as fast as I could.



Never mind the on I posted before, I have a much better one now. It happened a couple months before lockdown in MI so I was 11 years old. I was at a friend's house with her, two other friends, and I. We played hide and seek. The friend who was it laid face down on the floor, one friend scrambled upstairs, and me and the girl who lived there decided to hide in a cabinet in the basement bathroom.
Well, her grandpa was living at their house, and oblivious to us in the cabinet, he came into the bathroom and starting peeing. My friend and I were giggling like crazy. Thankfully he never found us.



My best friend lives in Colorado and I live in California ok? Well when I was 9 or 10, her family came to Legoland with us and I was SO excited. We were in line for a water ride and I was so happy I just HAD to do something about it. So I leaned over and kissed my younger brother, only to realize that the kid wasn't my brother. It was my friend's brother. And everybody stared. I haven't talked to him ever since.



I was about 9, and there was a small creek in our neighborhood. This was where all the kids played. There had been a good rainfall and the creek was up. A group of us kids were there fishing for crayfish. I lost my footing and slid down into the water. I was screaming for help because: 1) The water level was almost to my shoulders 2) I couldn't swim 3) There was a current and 4) I knew there were Water Moccasin snakes in the creek. Water Moccasins aka Cottonmouths are a venomous snake. They were all just laughing at me. Finally they pulled me out. They teased me for months about it because I had been crying like a baby.



My mom told me this story. There's a pic too. When I was about 2 or 3 my mom realized it was quiet in the house and went to go look for me. She found me in the bathroom, standing on the toilet, covered in Vaseline. There was one of the big containers of Vaseline in there and my little brain decided it would be a good idea to smear Vaseline on myself! I burst out into laughter when she saw me. My mom kept trying to put me in the bath but couldn't lift me up easily because I kept sliding out of her hands. The bottom of the bath was covered in Vaseline and my mom had to clean it out.



I um... just hold on to your horses this is a wild story. *dies inwardly* so uhm....one time.. I was in 5th grade and we were coding. Everyone has a little childhood crush, and so the "genius" that I was, I sat down next to him in my computer science class. That day we were coding, and there was a really cute code thingy that you could make your choose an animal and you make it dance with music that you pick. At the time, I loved loved LOVED 80s music, and some 90s and when I saw the song that I was currently obsessed with, "Take on Me" I choose it. Once I finished the code, I got some headphones and turned up the music super high. A bit into the music I started to hum the song and watch the little animal dance his butt off. When it finished, I looked up and saw everyone staring at me. I said "Uhh? Is there something on my head?" and a girl replied back to me by saying: "Well, you were singing a song, I thought you were talking to me, so I responded and you never said anything back besides the lyrics of the song..." I could literally feel my checks burning up. To make matters worse, everyone started to laugh at me; including my crush. Even the teacher was laughing at me. I still get a little flustered reciting it smh.



I know I already posted, but I have two more.

One time, a few months ago, my cousin and I were playing hide and seek at my house, and I found the PERFECT spot. So my little brother has a bunk bed and a trundle bed and the trundle bed doesn't have a mattress in it yet. So of course I crawled in there because if I could get in, I could get out right? Wrong. So I called for my cousin and we spent like, 20 minutes just trying to get me out and then he left and got my dad (the whole time I thought he abandoned me) and my dad took a picture of me and took his sweet time getting me out. I obviously eventually got out, but yeah.

Okay so the other one was in second grade, there was a boy that I liked and I used to chase him around the playground during recess. So one day I got super close to catching him and he tripped and fell down like a tree. So naturally I tripped as well, resulting in chipping my tooth on his butt. (It wasn't a bad chip)



OK so when i was around 11 i was on my you know what and i didnt realize it and my crush and i were partners on a school project and he dropped his pencil and was like hey ______ you have a red stain on pants near you hoo haw and the kid who cant keep their mouth shut seriously yelled" _______ has blood on her pants and it was right after health class and we just learned about periods and puberty so yeah that was embarrassing.



This isnt the most embarassing, but is is pretty funny:

So, I was in Sweden at an amusement park, and it had a big wooden hamster wheel, and I was walking on it, and my pants, because they were big, got caught between two boards. I fell down and went all the way up, then dropped down. worst part is, my pants fell down when it happened because... It was still stuck.



When I was about 6, my mom and I were putting ornaments on our Christmas tree. She showed me an ornament, and told me that she's had it since she was my age. I said "Wow, it must be really old!" without malicious intent, but oops.



So this happened when I was in kindergarten. I had just walked into the bathroom, and I went to look for a stall that wasn't being used. I started checking for ones that had unlocked doors, and I found one. I pushed it open, and there was another little girl sitting on the toilet. I was flustered, and apologized quickly.



I was in kindergarten. My parents are both scientists (animal cancer research and lab animal medicine), so naturally I was and am a very nerdy person. One time, when it was lightly snowing during recess, I saw that a dog had pooped near the playground. I grabbed a bundle of twigs and leaves, knelt down next to the poop, and began to 'dissect' it. The teachers were very made when they saw me with my very clean hands and snowsuit, with a group of children huddled around watching me, and they nearly dragged me inside. Somewhat embarrassing, but my parents told me that it was good that I was interested in the world around me when I got home.



So, 3rd grade, we had the water dispenser thingy you can use to fill up you water bottles and stuff. And I was really thirsty, and I forgot we had water fountains, and I didn't bring a water bottle, so i tried to drink WITH MY MOUTH from the dispenser, and the teacher caught me, and it was embarassing.



I have many embarrassing stories from when i was a little kid, but the one that i remember the most was pretty embarrassing.
I was about 6 and we (my close family) were going to have a dinner party that night so my dad was taking me on errands. we were in this small, local market, and right next to the cashier where my dad was, there was a giant jar of taffy. i was really craving candy, so i took one out and asked my dad if i could have one. he was talking to the cashier and just told me to wait a second. I put the candy in my pocket and just looked around some more. then he got me and we rushed out. we had to go in a hurry, so we were going pretty fast. we were about half way down the street when i reached into my pocket and felt the candy. i had totally forgotten about it, but was terrified because i thought i would go to jail, so i told my dad. he flipped out because he thought i meant to steal it. that wasn't even the worst part. as we were walking back to the shop, my best friends mom came around the corner and asked what we were doing. my dad told her that i stole something. i was mortified



I was at swim team practice and we were supposed to swim backwards for fun. I couldn't hear my coach yell to say we were done and everyone was laughing.



I was about 3, in a Bloomingdales with my mom, who was looking at purses. I had to go pee. She couldn't hear me. So I just pulled down my pants and went.

Another time, I was in Mexico City with my family and my sister was running towards the glass sliding doors but missed, instead hitting a window. Her nose mark was there the whole day.

And finally, I peed my pants in the middle of science during 4th grade.



I stuck my head between two slates in a fence and got stuck. To add insult to injury, my father said that I might have to get my ears cut off in order to be freed...



So when I was around 12 or 13 it was that time of that month. And I didnt know that cuz it started and i didnt know. So me and my crush were partners on a school project. (And just to mention i was wearing white jeans) So he dropped his pencil and he looked up and said trinity you have a red stain on your hoo haw. And i turned so red in my face. But the loud mouth kid heard and screamed " TRINITY'S ON HER PERIOD!" We did just learn about periods and puberty in health the day before and i didnt want to return and now my crush at that time is now my bf of 5 years and reminds me of that day every couple months.



.....I started yelling at my brother during zoom class and i may have been unmuted the whole frikin time.........



Part 1:
OK, so this actually happened pretty recently, a few weeks ago when I was at Phy-ed, our friend group was talking about "Slap-Ass October", and how that was the nickname for the new month.
We started to play capture the flag, but with the belts that go around your waist. The class funny-guy was on "our territory", so I ran up to grab his belt but missed and SLAP-ASS OCTOBERED HIM!
Part 2:
When our class was heading back inside, I was telling my bestie about how weird it was, how I was sooo embarrassed.
I said, "I almost don't feel like I might be bi anymore," TO THE WRONG PERSON!!!! He claims he didn't hear anything...



I have many but here we go...

1. I was carrying my trombone in 5th grade when it swung in front of me, getting caught between the doorway, I trip, resulting in the biggest faceplant the world has ever seen.

2. I tripped UP the stairs carrying my trombone (6th Grade)

3. I tripped during gym class...on nothing...and the floor was dry...

4. At recess, (1st Grade) I get stuck on the top of the rock wall. Looking back, I was stuck about 5 feet off the ground.



So I was in a ballet rehearsal, (I was 8) and I was raising my hand as high as I could to go to the bathroom. Obviously nobody saw me cause I was too short. Lol (I still am short 😂) but I went pee a little and it did nothing. So I thought to myself, “You know, if it didn’t come out of my clothes, then I can just let it all out!” I tried, and it all came pouring down. That’s my embarrassing story. 😂😂😂😂😂😂



When I was a kid, I thought "that's what she said" was something you would say when someone said something really shocking or surprising. I thought it was a way to express how surprised or shocked you are about something.
So, one day in class (3rd grade) when my teacher said that we would be having an end of the year pizza party, I screamed at the top of my lungs "That's what she said!!!". My teacher was just in shock and said nothing about it. The teacher next door immediately barged in and told me to never say that again. Thankfully none of the other kids really understood. It was an eventful day for sure!



Ight. Third grade. Middle of the day. Bored as fk. So I take out my ruler for some reason. I put it in between the gaps between my desk and the desk of the kid in front of me. The kid pushed his desk forward. My hand was pulling the ruler back, and then it went to the fucking moon. It flew up so fast it hit the roof in like half a second.



when i threw a hot dog at my sister



Hello! This is funny!
So I was 10 years old, and I was in DC with my mom and a friend of hers. Anyways, we had been walking around museums for a while, and then it was time to go to... THE WHITE HOUSE!!!
So we were touring the different White House rooms, and in the Blue room (not a joke I swear it's actually called that) I realized my legs were EXTREMELY tired. There was a chair in the walkway that wan't blocked off, so I sat down.
Then, shouting over a very large crowd of people, a tour guide calls me out for sitting on an antique chair. A bubble of space appeared around me, and my mom pretended I wasn't her kid for a few minutes.
Hope this made you laugh! I'm never going back to the White House again! =)



I have another one. I was at a party in my music conservatory. They had laid everything out on a table. They didn't really have that good food, but I spotted a box of sushi from the downstairs Japanese market. So naturally I ate it all. And then realized that it belonged to another person in the music class and it was their dinner. I was so embarrassed i gave them my whole wallet to buy a new dinner (I had about $20 in it, the box was about $5) and begged my mom to go home.



wore a dress...

(keep in mind this was 7 years ago, and my brother and sis still bully me :( Btw I'm a guy)



so I was baking a cake for my friends mums birthday and the cake was really important to her so I made a massive cake and it looked gorgeous. when I delivered it she was so happy and exited until they tried it. the cake looked great on the inside but when everyone had a bite most people spat it out and were whispering so I tried it and then I realised I had put salt instead of sugar in my cake. I was mortified so I ran home and cried.



when i was like 3 i was playing a game of simon says during a thunderstorm at my church all of a sudden there was a really loud thunder and i face planted the table



i had to move schools because my school was shutting down, I went to a different school and then I moved again, so at this new school, I thought my favorite teacher from my old school was there and I yelled her name at the top of my lungs at a teacher and she was probably like, "what the hell? who is this?"
I was in 3rd grade...



This isn't my most embarrassing thing that's happened to me but its one that I could share. I was at school talking to someone when I took a drink out of my water bottle only it wasn't mine. It was the kid next to me. I only noticed when the person had left that I didn't bring my water bottle to school that day! I was so mortified I pushed it onto the kids desk and hoped they didn't notice. They didn't thank goodness. Anyway That's pretty much the story



I picked up my auntie's round hair brush and wound my hair around it but it got stuck in my hair. Did the same thing with chewing gum. Everyone laughed while I cried from embarrassment!



Grade 4. Had an "accident" and soiled my pants. Went to ask the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, and he asked out loud if I "Sh*t" my pants. Was horrified enough and had to call my father to bring me clean underwear before going back to that class.



Long Story short:
When I was about two or three years old I head massive diarrhea. It was summer and ask me not why but I was only wearing rubber boots. So the shit ran down my legs, filled the rubber boots and overflowed them.
Much to the exhilaration to the rest of the family gathering especially my Cousins. :p



I don't really get embarrassed that easily, so this is about the worst it gets. I was in fifth grade and they did a birthday party at the end of the month for everyone who had a birthday that month. my mom wrote a card for me, telling me how much she loved, and how proud she was, ect. then she said my nickname. zoastercoasterroastertoaster. when I look back at it, it wasn't really that bad, but people wouldn't stop calling me that for months



oof, okay not gonna lie this was a hard one.... but I'm going to have to go with this one time when my 'friend' tripped me.... bbbuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttt there is a good thing to this story so please read all of this. We are going to refer to my ex-crush as jake. So basically what happened was my 'friend' wanted to make me look bad in front of Jake, becuase she liked him too, so she tripped me... ((the rest may sound like a fairy tale but it's true)) I ALMOST fell on him but his friend caught me. Jake noticed that I fell and asked if I was alright helped me with the stuff that I dropped and asked if I wanted to eat lunch together and help me with my homework, cause I'm guessing he saw my grades... I said sure, with a tomato face, and went to class. So long story short thanks to my 'friend' me and him started dating after that...buuuuuttt then she started spreading rumors and hating on me, turning my friends against me. Luckily jake didn't believe any of it...Until she posted a picture of me and my brother on her snap chat story saying that this was the person that I was cheating on Jake with. I thought he would think it was a lie, but no he took my 'friends' side...



I was in 3rd grade and got pantsed in the middle of recess. I was wearing SpongeBob underpants.



i was at my grandparents house (i was like 6 or 7) and my moms first cousin came over, and she brought her son (lets call him tom) with her. my aunt (lets call her aunt Kat) had a real thick accent so she said "Come give me a hug!". and i thought she said something like "go give tom a hug!" so... i did! and now that i'm older (14) i realized how wrong that was...




Had to be when i was at a summer camp. I was around 10-11ish years old. I was trying to act really tough in front a cute boy and i tried to jump the fence like his friends were doing. BUT me being short and small for my age, i face planted into the top board of the fence, then slipped and fell into a pile of manure...never talked to him after that.



I pooped in a school's urinal when I was in 2nd grade why because all the stalls were occupied and didn't want to crap in my pants it will haunt me if anyone who knows me reads this



I was like 10 and I have really curly hair which is always tangled and hard to keep so this one time i looked through my moms mags and saw this cute hairstyle (for straight hair folks) took my moms flat ironer and burned off my whole head but it grew back ..Yayyy!!



I have a good one! This all happened in Pre-K

Friend: Hey, Call Me Mars, go smell the bathroom! It smells like boys!!

Me: OK!

Teacher who I swear hated my guts: Call me Mars, where are you going?

Me: (Pulls my pants and underwear down, everybody laughs. I have no idea what happened next)


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I fell down in the middle of the playground with everybody watching and i started crying like a baby :,(



Not that bad, but in second grade i had this HUGE crush on a teacher's son that was in my class, so when my family was going on a trip to Canada for the rest of the week, i told my YMCA counselor that i had to get something from my classroom (which i didn't) and dropped a letter on his desk explaining why i'd be gone so he didn't worry. (not like he would, for i was just a girl in a class of 28 ish other kids) I had also already told him where i was going, so when my counselor GAVE HIM MY LETTER it was even more awkward and embarrassing. I still cringe when i think of it.



Most embarrassing thing that EVER happened to me was that I was crying NON STOP IN PUBLIC TvT, I was just 4 But Oml smh UvU...



So I have two of them so I will try to make it short. So the first one is one time I was at some sort of event but I don’t remember what the event was. All I know is that it was an event from my dad’s work. Since everyone wears the same uniform basically at my dads work, I went up to go hug my, “dad”, but I accidentally hugged a random stranger. And since he works at my dads work still, I still know him to this day.

The second one didn’t happen to me but it happened to my dad and my sister. So what happened was that they were on a trip to Utah and they were at McDonald’s to get some breakfast. Wednesday went to the bathroom and they ordered their food they were filling up the drinks. Then a random man came up to them and asked boyfriend and girlfriend or fiancé. My dad and sister answered father and daughter. He just walked away after that....



I was in 6th grade, and it was my middle school's field day, and the whole school was on the soccer field doing various things. About 25% of the people there were taking turns shooting soccer, and I was the goalie. My best friend came up behind me... and he pantsed me. The entire girl's soccer team was playing and they all saw. My crush and a bunch of other people saw. My bff took off running, and as soon as I pulled my pants up, I started chasing him. We were kind of tied as the fasted kids in the grade, but I caught up and tackled him in about .5 seconds. Still don't talk to the soccer team to this day



My sink has a sprayer, where you can switch between settings.

The setting that sprays is the only one that works, so I drink from it by angling it at my face and opening my mouth wide.

My Grandma and Grandpa has came over and I embarrassed my poor 10 year old self by spraying water all over my clothes and the walls.



Ok, hmmmm, story time, this first one is just awkward.

1) My dad is a teacher and sometimes when I was in K-2nd grade I would stay with him after school, but when he had a conference or something I would have to sit at the table outside his classroom and do art, I had a huge crush on a boy who’s mother worked in the classroom across from my dad’s. So one day my crush and his older brother were also there while I was in the hall. We joked around and had fun, when i was about to leave my crush’s older brother slipped me a note saying that my crush liked me. I’m sorry that was long.

2) in 4th grade we were reading and we were aloud to read almost anywhere, I chose a spot at the front of the room. We had these cinder blocks up there, I was being silly and stuck my foot through one (shoe and all) and couldn’t get it out, I eventually got it out by taking my shoe off, I don’t know if anyone noticed, I hope not.

3) also in 4th grade we were silently reading, it was very silent, then suddenly, I farted incredibly loud it was impossible for somebody not to have heard it. I played dumb and (thankfully) nobody realized it was me, super embarrassing tho.

I’m sorry this was so long ☹️😒😏



I think I was 3 or 4 years old and went to kindergarten. I was playing doggy with my friends and I felt that I had to poop. But I was playing and told to myself that I could hold it for a while.
But then I couldn't hold it any longer and went to the toilet. But I didn't make it on time, so it was in my underwear. I went to the bathroom and tried to dump it in te toilet, it was a really solid piece of sh*t...
But when I was doing that, two older kids walked in and told me: IEUW what are you doing? We are going to tell the teacher.
I was forced to wear and old underpants and my dirty one was put in a plastic bag (of shame)... Everybody knew that when you where wearing that bag, you had an accident...
So embarissing....



At age 10 I got my first period at Trader Joes



I was staying the night on the trundle bed in my cousin's bedroom. I shut my eyes to say my prayers and my uncle turned off the light without me knowing. When I opened my eyes I was convinced I'd gone blind, it was so dark. My cousin told me I was a numpty and explained about the light, but my heart still raced for ages.


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When i was a kid in a McDonald my mom ask for a burger and as soon as i try to eat it i found out it has mustard in it. And i hate mustard. i start puking all over the place... everywhere!



When I was 12 and my brother was 14, we went on a family trip to America. We were in the swimming pool at one hotel and my brother and I were playing catch with a pair of goggles, since we didn't have a ball. Another kid in the pool saw and gave us a plastic golf ball to play with. My brother then decided to through it too hard and fast and it went straight into my nose and bled EVERYWHERE. As I was getting out of the pool to run to the bathroom, I slipped and fell, which made my nose bleed even more. Everybody saw, it was hard to miss!



when me and a girl i think was older than me got into a fist fight at an all you can eat buffet



I was about 7/8 here. Me and my family were walking down the busy streets of Mumbai, when I saw my friend (let's call her Myra) I waved to her and she waved to me. After, walking further down the street, I spotted a girl who looked quite similar to my friend. Again, I waved at her, but when I looked closer I saw she wasn't my friend at all.
I was so embarrassed.



grabbed my dads hand.... wasn't my dad ._.



During a dance rehearsal, when my entire ballet company was there, we were having a snack break, and me and my friends couldn’t decide where to sit. We were moving around a lot, and there was a little girl who had a bag of chips. I sit down. On the bag of chips!!! Popping the bag of chips, by sitting on it, in front of everyone!!! Everyone turned their heads and looked at me and started laughing.



ok... sooooo
I was on a school field trip in 4th grade, and we went water tubing. My "crush" was chosen as the one who would help people out of the water at the end. (The rapids were really strong) My entire life i have hated it when people thought i was weak, so this was even more embarrassing.
I went down the river, and at the end, i tried to stand up like everyone else, but couldn't i kept falling over, and my crush was trying to help, and lift me up, but then i fully fell over... i bet you can guess where my face went before it hit the water. Eventually i dragged myself out, but it was SO embarrassing!
I still think about it a lot...



I was in a public pool with my rambunctious sister - no one else was around the pool or in it. She convinced me we NEEDED to "trade bathing suits". She took mine, put it on on TOP of own, and exited the pool wearing TWO suits. I had to walk back to the locker room NAKED - past several people! She thought it was funny. Another time, when we were at my grandma's and there was only one toilet she sat on it slowly looking at a book while I jumped up and down BEGGING to use the toilet. She didn't move for over 10 minutes and I ended up pooping on the floor. :S



So when i was in second or third grade i was playing monkey on the ground. I had this legit god spot but it had rained and i fell about 4 to 5 feet on to my groin I didn’t cry. Because my crush was there.



One day I went to MacDonalds to meet some friends. It was dark and rainy, and my mum had only just passed her driving test a few weeks before. She drove reeeallyy slowly ,so I thought we would arrive late. When we finally did arrive, I rushed into MacDonalds and because the floor was slippery, fell down on my bottom in front of all my friends.


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Was about 16... I was actually in a store at Christmas buying a (faux) rabbit fur for my then girlfriend. (I wound up marrying her 5 years later! LOL) Didn't really know her size but I knew if it fit me, it would fit her. So I tried it on and was showing off in the mirror. I turned around and there were like 2 store personnel and 3 customers watching me laughing their arses off. Mission failed and accomplished at the same time!



Here's yet another embarrassing story....

When I was 12, there was a summer club in my church. It had been organized by a group of Americans in their early and mid 20s, and I had a crush on one of them. One day all of us kids were playing a game and the guy i had a crush on was supervising. He said my name and I just blanked out and stared at him dreamily. It turned out he had just been telling me that it was my turn in the game. I was so embarrased.

so ye... XD



ok time for a story
so before I could walk I was crawling under things (god only knows why) and one day I had got stuck and went to sleep under the couch and when my mo couldn't find me she thought I had escaped outside because the door was left open and so she had the whole neighborhood and the police looking for me, later when I woke up I was crying loudly and they found me.
the lesson I learned don't get where u can get stuck



One time I accidentally forgot my underwear in the bathroom and I picked it up and some people saw me. 😳



In 4th grade (last year) I zoned out in the lunch line and when I got back into reality, it was my turn and everybody was yelling "GO" at me. I was so embarrassed. 😳



I was about 6. My mother noticed my pockets were full leaving the grocery store. She marched me back into the store and had me tearfully apologize to the manager that I had stolen green beans.



So once I was waiting desperately for a package, Staring out the window, waiting all day, devoting all my time to it. Someone knocked on the door, and I assumed it was someone with the package, I was 8 at the time. I opened the door, yelled, “MOM THE PACKAGE IS HERE, AND IT TOOK LONG ENOUGH FOR THAT IDIOT TO BRING IT” nope it wasn’t my package. Just a random woman asking for directions. I never even got my package.



I wet myself at school. Wait for it...
In the fourth grade.
I was nine and I wet myself



1. I have social anxiety, so on the girl's basketball team, in 6th grade, whenever the coach would (loudly) point out what I was doing wrong I got super embarrassed, I still hate being unexpectedly put in the spotlight.
2. in a zoom class, I started to love talk to my cat, but my mic was on
3 I've said so many dumb things I can't even count
4. my 10th bday party has been my best, we got super sugar drunk, dressed up in our sparkliest outfits did makeup, (it was glitter themed in case you were wondering) but, if I laughed really hard, I would pee my pants. and since we got sugar drunk lots of things were funny to us, and by the end of the night I was down to my last pair of pants. everyone was fine with it though, but one of my friends used an entire bottle of febreeze.



I was trying to be cute once…here’s how it ended, so I was at the movie theater with my sister and grandma, so I’m getting my straw and I see a black woman (my grandma is blackish) so I go and see that she has curly fries, and I go “You got fries!?!??!” And I look up and see that it’s not my grandma...she laughs and I look at my sister and she shakes her head slowly...


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So for my 15th birthday, I got my nose pierced. I went up to the counter and they asked what I wanted to be pierced. I said "I want my what do you call it? Oh, my CERVIX." I'm turning 16 next month guys.



When i was in 6th grade i think we had to present this book report project that we made and i had a crush on this girl in my class at the time and my presentation was going well at first but then i made eye contact (with the girl i liked) and i just froze and her friends all started laughing at me and i ran out of the room like the awkward hormonal pre-teen i was and i just sat in the bathroom having a full on panic attack until one of my friends came looking for me and turns out the girl i had a crush on liked me back but thats a whole different story for another day. (i didnt end up getting in trouble with that teacher bc he felt bad for me and i ended up getting an A on the project :)



Oooh, I still remember it, the gruesome first ever skiing week. I was 7 years old and have been taking a few lessons, but I was wiggling on my feet and kept crushing into things and people because I couldn't properly stop...or turn...

The skiing slope was a very crowded one, you literally could spend 30 mins queuing just to go up once. Skiing downhill it was even worse, since I was so bad at it and everyone "speeding" around me was scary.

Come Sunday, all of a sudden, everyone stands aside and the slope is FINALLY free, with all 'em people gathered to the side. So, I seize the opportunity to finally have a worry-free cruise down the hill, free to keep my skiing sticks however I choose (horizontally and away from my body, waving them in the air to keep my balance, without hitting anybody for a change).

However, the people gathered to the sides of the slope start yelling at me like crazy. Yupe, the slope was free because there was a frickin' competition on it, flags an all!!! And there I was, in the middle of the slope, not quite clear on what's going on and why are they all yelling.

I got so scared I lost control of the skis and speeded to the point where I could neither stop nor turn, so I bumped into the judges' table (little thing smack in the middle of the slope, with heaps of space to its left and right), crashed it over the judges with papers and all, broke my lip and one of my skis and started crying for my dad.

Almost cured me of skiing... almost :D. I kept trying and being bad at it 'til my 6th grade, when my brother forced me to go on "the big slope" (black level). I was (again) terrified to go down, went almost straight across it and sat my ass down to turn the skis and go to the other side just not to ever have them pointing down to the "abyss". However, by the end of that descent, I could finally hold my own on the skies and only improved after.



This is a story i will never forget

So I was at buffalo wild wing with my stepmom, my dad, my step sister and my sister. Let's call my step sister Valerie. We where waiting for people to come out of the bathroom so we could go. It was finally my turn and I was taking a dump, but I forgot to lock my stall. So an employee walked on me and she walked out of the bathroom embarrassed. Add Valerie saw so she gave me her hat, we washed our hands and left.

I can never recover :'3



Here's another one...

I was in the airport with my family (we were going on holiday), and I got lost. However, I didn't realise i was lost because there was this person in front of me who I thought was my dad. I almost followed him into an elevator before realising that he wasn't my dad. Luckily, I re-traced my steps and found my actual dad and the rest of my family.



I was jammin to some music on an online class and I was singing to it and everyone on the class got silent and I was like ?? And then I saw I was unmuted sooooo



I Was Like 6 or 7 Or Something. My family Had gone To And Apple orchard. The Orchard Grew Lots Of fruit Like Apples, Peaches, Plums, Blueberries Ect. We Where In The Store getting Apple Sider Or Something. I Wandered Off And came To The Produce. I Picked up A Plum Off The Shelf, Took A bite out Of it... AND PUT IT BACK AND WALKED AWAY. I Didn't get into Trouble, It's just Something I Remember



2 more,
1, when I was like 4, I was at McDonalds, we were about to leave, I saw a short way out and open the door, turns out it was the emergency exit
2 in third grade we were reading our books, the girl next to me was half-reading out loud , reading from the book she said: "I hope it doesn't rain again" thinking she was talking to me I replied "me too" (it had rained recently) I didn't realize she wasn't talking to me until I read the same book months later.



Ok so I know I already put one in but I got another one. This did not happen to me but a friend. So it was one of those days where all you want to do was break down and cry... my friend and I were sitting in the corner of my class where there was a bookshelf and a blanket to sit on, and this little bitch, sorry for the language, she comes over to me ask if we're ok. I'm like "yea, why" and i swear to god this girl was like "oh ok well you boyfriend wanted me to come over here and tell you to leave him to aline and that he wants to break up" and I was like so mad at the time I stood up and practically yelled "IF HE WANTS TO BREAK UP WITH ME HE CAN TELL ME FACE TO FACE" and then I called him a coward...so then he came over and im like yeah I know what you're gonna say... BUUUUT instead he started laughing at my best friend, she had just started the you know what and she was now crying even more than she was before, her mom had died the night before, so I grabbed my jacket to help cause I mean im a good friend and I helped her to the bathroom. I have not talked with him since. Sorry, this was so long... ((this all happened in 6th grade so last year before COVID-19 happened))



Here’s another one. I was 10 or 12 btw, So I went to Sweet ‘n Sassy Decedents party, they woulda make you go walk down that runway thing, I did NOT want to. So I was like “can I please skip this???” And she goes “yOuLl bE fInE” I was said ok and it was my turn and you had to FREAKIN POSE!!! AND BLOW A KISS!! I was so stiff so I did it horribly...the other moms stared at me, I made a dramatic exit and ran to the bathroom, and had a whole talk about blah blah blah. The end.


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Here’s another one!!

...I called my teacher grandma…;w;



Well... I was I geometry in like 9th grade and we were doing this thing where everyone drew their answers, and I was bored so I started doodling but the teacher had the projection of it on the board so but just her screen. Then she stopped talking and turned around like she was finished and went to the next slide. or so I thought. She pulled up my screen and my really shitty drawings. And said, "HOWEVER IS DOING THIS NEEDS TO STOP ERASE IT AND PAY ATTENTION NOW!" But she accidently locked my screen so I just sat there hoping nobody would notice and.... yea

she knew it was me :/



I was about 9 and locked myself out of the house. After about an hour I really needed to do a poo and after struggling to hold it in I had to go in the front garden. Shortly after my Mum and Stepfather arrived home and my Stepfather noticed the pretty sizeable log I'd left in the garden. I claimed a stray dog had done it. My Stepfather couldn't see how a dog could produce such a log. He knew.



So once i went to a restaurant bathroom thinking my sister was right next to me and then i started to sing and dance and i was like HEYYY GIRL even like almost sticked my head under the stall until i realize that the girl isn't my sister so i RAN for my life and i might of even forgotten to flush the toilet and then i saw the girl who was right next to me and my face turned bright red . But i don't think she saw me , and then we left .



I accidentally played a NSFW comedy video on Christmas.

I had almost my whole family (mom's side) and 2 younger cousins. Also, the one cousin older than me was right behind me.

Yeah, no more YT that day.



This one time, I let a few idiot hobbits light a fire on a hill, and it drew the Nazgul, and one of them got stabbed.



ok, that time, my mom sent a photo of me crying. when i saw it i screamed : " Mama !!!!!!!!!! "



I got my head stuck between the bars of a shopping cart... I suppose you're wondering how I got in there in the first place.



I spilled coffee in a coffee shop then slipped in it did the splits and hit my butt on the ground. It was tourist season so it was packed and everyone laughed at me and no one asked me if i was ok.



Here we go with my crazy a**

1. In Kindergarden, I was playing out side, and 5 bees landed on me. I screamed my A*S off and did not move for 3 minutes STRAIGHt while I wanted to hit the kids lauging at me.

2. I pees me pants in 2nd grade

3. I diD a SmElLy aNd pEe PeE in pre school. IN DA PANTS

4. I complained about the dots of blood on my hands in first grade. It was blood from someone´s tooth that i punched out :/


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